“You can’t throw the ball through the nose of a defender and have it come out his a–hole to a teammate.”
Rick Carlisle, who seems to have a firm grasp on the inner workings of the human body

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  1. CLASSIC Carlisle.

  2. Few fans can claim their coach adds to their love of a team, but god dammit I fucking love Rick, and love the Mavs more because of him.

  3. I see you, basketball in Carlisle’s nostril.

  4. Does Tas approve of this anatomy-related article?

  5. Oh, not only does he look like Jim Carrey, but he’s got jokes!

  6. Man, I love Rick Carlisle. I was a fan when he coached my Pistons. He single handedly turned around the franchise.

    I remember him saying how he could see Phil Jackson getting bored smoking peyote, which an also funny PJ replied, “You don’t smoke peyote.”

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