Or is this archived footage from a mid-90s Heat/Knicks game? Your call.

(via With Leather)

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  1. I need to take a moment to evaluate what I have just seen.

  2. good to see greg ostertag and bryant reeves still playing the game.

  3. I feel like Nikola Pekovic would be unfazed in this environment.

  4. If Cro Cop can work on his speed, his size looks like he could take out JDS. Dang!

    • Easy now…JDS beat him into submission when they fought in 2009. Let’s not compare apples to oranges.

  5. Is this what the NBA in Europe is going to look like?


  7. Mirko and the guy in the pink tights rolling around on the ground then Mirko and the fat guy embraced against the wall. Who says MMA is not a manly sport.

  8. I would make a comment about how this made Yugoslavs could at basketball, but then I think of Vlade flopping and contradict my own argument.

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