Ep. 894: Jeremy’s Smokin’

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Jeremy Lin’s New York homecoming, the Knicks’ faltering defense, Tyson Chandler’s flagrant foul, Ibaka‚Äôs jumper, LeBron Durant, De Colo’s “punch,” that ugly Grizzlies-Bulls game, Kevin Love’s diarrhea, and some candidates for Most Improved Player.

All that, plus the loaded Christmas Day schedule, injured players returning, and which NBA guy would make for the best mall Santa. (Here’s that classic Pistons “Jingle Bells” video I mention on the show.)

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  1. Don’t know if this was intentional or not but your image choice for this episode is maybe not the best idea considering what’s going on down here right now. Or maybe I’m just being sensitive…

    • Hell of a stretch, but I guess I can see how one would get there. We changed it.

    • Dan, it is one thing to suggest they change it, but insinuating even the remote possibility that it was “intentional” is ridiculous and overly sensational. Not to mention an attack on their moral fiber and character. The fact that you even mentioned whether it was intentional was rather offensive.

  2. Nicolas Batum for most improved?

  3. Grizz bench call themselves the “Zoo Crew” FYI.

  4. I’m pretty sure OJ Mayo is clearly in the lead for most improved player if you’re going off of stats alone.

  5. Will Blaylock was the 4th Piston in the Jingle Bells video. And also the only one who really sings…

  6. what about afflalo for MIP?

  7. You guys talked about putting up a TBJ Soundboard… i need that Cool Story Bro drop!! can you guys upload it somewherE?

  8. and as for MIP… has there ever been a ROY to also be named MIP the next year? Kyrie has been very impressive this season, more so than last season.

    • I don’t think second year players should ever receive this award because everyone expects players to improve in their second year after adjusting to the NBA in their rookie year. I think it should always go to someone in their third year and forward.

  9. From Tom in Milwaukee: Doug Thonus of the Bulls Beat podcast said on the most recent episode that since Thibodeau took over, the Bulls are 21-16 in games where they score fewer than 90 points. The rest of the league in that same span has a combined winning percentage of .158, and no other team has a winning record.

  10. Paul George for MIP! after a rough start, he is turning the corner and is starting to show his stuff

  11. Rasheed’s jingle bells “re-re-re-remix” is off the charts hilarious

  12. I think Eric Bledsoe or Paul George deserve MIP so far this year, beyond other people. Eric Bledsoe is so key to the Clippers coming off the bench with limited minutes. He was a surprise in the playoffs and many questioned if he can continue that play and he has done more than just that this season so far. Paul George is what’s holding the Pacers together so far without Granger, he’s beasting right now.

  13. Jerome Moiso was a legitimate backup on NBA Live 2001!

  14. Man these guys are painfully Canadian.

  15. Total homer vote I know and he’s probably too under-the-radar, but from what I’ve seen so far I like Ed Davis for MIP.

  16. These TBJ guys are such Jeremy Lin nut-huggers.

  17. Do you guys have a link to the Lakes christmas video?

  18. For the Grizz bench, doing a play on their names (like Run TMC), we get BASE-P or P-BASE.

  19. I don’t know why but I’ve been calling the Grizz bench “i heart grizzlebees” #coolstorybro

    Funny that Skeets said maybe grandpa is drunk sleeping & tas said he would be asleep by then..

  20. Andrew Gaze drop!!! Nice work JD

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