We all know the Wizards have had a rough go of it the past few decades. Three seasons with less than 20 wins since 1999, coaches eating at Subway, the gun stuff, the knee stuff, the other knee stuff, the other other knee stuff drafting Kwame Brown on purpose, having the worst ever version of Michael Jordan — you know, classic Wizards nonsense.

But I’m not sure things have ever been this bad. In yet another season where the Wiz are in last place and challenging the all-time record for futility, they’ve been so horrible that their players can’t even get excited about their own birthdays. From WUSA9.com:

Back on December 7th, Seraphin refused to celebrate his 23rd birthday out on the town, even with his roommate Taylor and girlfriend Allison pestering him that he deserved to have some fun. “We keep losing. I feel guilty to celebrate. Not this year,” said Seraphin in a frustrated tone.

This is so sad. Kevin Seraphin is so destroyed by the Wizards’ season that he can’t bring himself to enjoy his one and only 23rd birthday. You can’t get that back, you guys. 23 is a once in a lifetime celebration, but Kevin Seraphin had to literally say, “Not this year.” Truly heart-wrenching.

To make matters worse, the Wizards played on December 7, the very date of Seraphin’s big 2-3. Not surprisingly, they lost, dropping a road game to the Hawks to move to 2-14. Worst birthday ever.

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  1. Dude has a roommate?

  2. Hats off to Seraphin for showing his commitment and the actually caring about results. This isn’t “truly heart wrenching” — this is a man holding himself accountable. I suggest the author choose his words more carefully or get some real world experience if he thinks “truly heart wrenching” is an appropriate way to describe the situation.

    • It is “truly heart wrenching” because a professional is in a situation where he cannot separate his work life from his personal life, and is unable to make a move of his own accord to better his professional situation. Holding one person accountable for the actions of a business, when they are no where near the top of the operating system, seems like a little too much blame for a man to shoulder alone. So I believe that an elite basketball player(any NBA player) that is stuck on a perpetually bad team that cannot even celebrate his birthday does pull at the heart strings a bit, but we are all entitled to our opinions, including Taco Trey.

  3. and now john wall might miss the whole season? gg wizzies

  4. Here’s to hoping Seraphin gets traded, so he can have a birthday party on his 20′s.

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