Come all ye faithful NBA fans! Your holiday prayers have been answered!

The Basketball Jones has collected all your favourite NBA Christmas songs and put them on one album! I know what you’re thinking, “I didn’t know there were NBA Christmas songs?” Well, there are. And they’re all here!


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  1. CLASSIC! As a fellow jew, Matt’s bit at the end was the best.

  2. Holy shit that was the funniest shit ever.

  3. This might be my favorite thing the Jones has ever done. Bravo all around. I want Feliz Calderon! to be a real song.

  4. So…this might be a dumb question….but can I really buy this? Please?

    PS Lost it at “Aw shit” with (I’m assuming?) JD’s kids. Hilarious all around.

  5. can i actually get this for christmas?

  6. This was awesome!

  7. A TRIUMPH. Well done sirs.

  8. Delicious. Solid work as usual. Cheers

  9. In case you missed last year’s video:

  10. Would pay for this. Please make it happen.

  11. This is like an orgasm for your funny bone.

  12. Great job guys, the only reference i didn’t get was the Joel handing out towels part.

  13. *slow clap* ….Skeets has the clear tenor of a choir boy. Tas, a sultry baritone.

  14. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This was too good!!!

  15. JD’s kids once again stealing the show

  16. LOL This was great… I am surprised no Raptor news.. DO ANOTHER ONE… does Leigh Ellis look like a young Mel Gibson? or is that just me…

  17. Freakin’ amazing!!! Love the cameo from Trey and Leigh, and JDs kids.

  18. No songs dedicated to grandma Lana?

  19. more importantly. where can i pick up my own elf costume?

  20. Awesome vid (thanks for the jewish shoutout Matt)

    Please make this CD actually happen!

    Also, loving the chest hair Leigh (sorry Trey, you need better coverage)

  21. Great Work! Soooooo many great lines

  22. Bravo, though it could’ve used a Metta World Queef reference or twelve

  23. It ’twas a lot better than I was expecting. Very good gentlemen, keep up the work! Thanks for making my world a little more sweeter for these shitty holidays!

  24. you guys should definitely put this video up for download on itunes

  25. If this doesn’t become a yearly thing, I might become depressed. No pressure or anything.

  26. This is perfect! Laughed so hard! Bless you guys.

  27. too awesome. only small improvement I could think of are some ‘MELOOO~’ drop to spice things up. Tis the season for deep V santas!

  28. That was awesome had me in tears the whole time!

  29. Fantastic!

    I’m calling my record store tomorrow to get this CD imported to Norway. ;-)

  30. Just the best!!! That is all.

  31. Keith Bogans and Jerry Stackhouse!

  32. This my friends, is a Beckinsale CD.

  33. I must admit, at first glance, the title had me intrigued and a little bit apprehensive. A cross dressing NBA holiday video from TBJ?
    So I click on and, lo and behold, there it was a cross dressing holiday video from TBJ! Who knew??!!

  34. Made my day. I was cracking up for 10 min straight and my SO is just shaking her head.

  35. Shut up and take my money!!!

    That was hilariuos!

  36. Matt Osten with some great inflexions in that singing performance.

  37. AMAZING. Well done guys!

  38. Seriously this should be on iTunes

  39. Matty O’s singing while sittin’ in a dark room, presumably hung over, was amazing.

  40. Recording the full album is must guys! Come on! You need an Eric Gordon song too! His birthday is coming up.

  41. imo – the funniest thing you guys have done since “scal says”. and that’s saying something.

  42. Amazing!!!
    I’d buy one for sure.
    What’s the shippings cost to Israel? LOL

  43. You beautiful canucks have done it again. Thanks Jones. You guys are great.

  44. How freaking amazing was that!?!? Once again, superb work by you guys. Stuff like that make me proud to be a TBJ fan.

  45. Great video, but you forgot to gimme some Raptor news!

  46. Combine Skeets voice with Tas’ stage presence and you could one amazing live concert

  47. For some reason Tas’s Joel, Joel just tears me up.

  48. great stuff but I still prefer the NBA Love Theme. how about an updated version.

  49. HAHAHAHAHA I’m fucking dying. This is my new favorite thing.

  50. The need to play it durent the game.

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