Ballin: 25 points, 17 rebounds and three blocks for Serge Ibaka last night. He made his first seven shots and would have finished the first half perfect from the field and the line if he wouldn’t have been the one who had to throw up the end of half heave. Pretty, pretty good.

Not so much: The Bulls and Grizzlies combined to score just 151 points last night, while going a combined 58-155 from the field (37.4 percent). They went 8-22 from three and both teams had more turnovers and fouls than assists. Other than that, a very well-played and exciting game.

Missed you: Guys, it is good to have Ricky Rubio back in the mix.

As SB Nation’s Mike Prada so eloquently put it, “just your run of the mill one-handed bounce pass to Kevin Love between three defenders.” Wow.

Stat check: I was looking at the Knicks-Rockets box score and saw that someone named “Chris Copeland” scored 29 points on 19 shots while sinking three threes. But that can’t be right, because the only Chris Copeland I’ve ever heard of has never scored more than 11 points or taken more than six shots in an NBA game. Must be some sort of miscalculation or something, since the real Chris Copeland had made three threes the entire season before last night.

Standard issue: Because they played last night, here is Blake Griffin making some really nice dunk shots.

Blake Griffin does these kind of things so regularly that I can barely get a boner from this kind of stuff anymore. What does it take for you to get excited about a Blake Griffin dunk nowadays?

Duh, of course: In his first game back in Madison Square Garden, Jeremy Lin led his team to a win while going for 22 points and eight assists. Considering Carmelo Anthony wasn’t playing, it was like nothing had changed but the colors.

Baller status: Here is Glen Davis giving one of the best postgame interviews of this young season.

Keep this in your brain forever because I have a feeling it will be underrated by the end of the season. I don’t want to forget this.

Ugh: Last night’s loss to the Suns was the Kings’ fifth straight, all of which have included double-digit margins of defeat. But at least Jimmer Fredette did something halfway cool, which I guess is an improvement? I don’t know. This team sucks.

Other things: Russell Westbrook took another really hard fall last night, wiggled around on the ground for a while, then was totally fine by the next possession … Steve Nash might be back this Saturday, so everything is fine with the Lakers now … Haha, Kendrick Perkins legs … Amar’e Stoudemire has been cleared to practice, so now it’s time to see what actually happens with those Knickerbocksters … David Lee is putting up some crazy stats, you guys … Avery Bradley is also back at practice … GIF up top is from CJ Fogler, as I’m sure you probably surmised