You know, I don’t believe in that Mayan prophecy that says the world is going to end in three days. But if I did, this would be the thing that convinced me it was really happening.

Nonetheless, I’ve started stockpiling canned goods just to be safe. I suggest you do the same, because this is end times kind of stuff.

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  1. The NBA has gotten so specialized now that we see this as an amazing feat… sad for me :/ Just waiting to see how high LeBron is gonna jump, how hard is Blake gonna dunk or how many dribbles in one possession can CP3 make. I miss the old times of amazement and complete surprise.

  2. the decade-long wait for this was worth it.

  3. I love his pose at the end of the second make.

  4. Classic pose. It needs to be a t-shirt. That only I would wear. But, still. Thanks Santa.

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