Ep. 895: Amadeus

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap all 10 games from last night’s NBA schedule. Topics discussed include: Deron Williams’ shooting slump, Derrick Favors, the Heat’s three-point shooting, Shved getting killed by Wade, Joakim Noah’s triple-double and minutes, Faried’s puke, poor Gerald Henderson, “The Big White Fundamental,” Raptors news, Jennings, and the playoff picture.

All that, plus mail, cookies, Hondas, and a whole lot of Falco.

Also, don’t forget to check out our new video: “A Very NBA Christmas” CD. Call now!


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Comments (31)

  1. Clusterfuck of an episode. Thoroughly enjoyed it as usual.

  2. Probably one of the most WTF – and funniest – episodes ever (among the 500+ I’ve watched).

  3. Hello – ooh oh oh
    Toronto calling!
    Na nana nanananaa

  4. How about a Leigh Ellis “according to Hoopdata” drop?

  5. The Kate scale randomness is great – as long as the Beckinsale remains the pinnacle of greatness for the show – if they start getting thrown around then we need something else. Maybe basketballs would be a good one – NBA game ball, through ABA tricolour, to synthetic leather, to rubber cheapy.

  6. Loved the show! Sometimes caos is just great, and you guys allways make it funny. Congrats!

  7. This show was a k.d. lang.

  8. How was that not a beckinsale?!? I can’t be the only one who enjoys the more chaotic shows the most… plenty of giggles, good games and some insanity: sounds like a great show to me^^

  9. The Kings have started every player except for Robinson and Fredette. Yikes.

  10. Anyone else find this show painfully dorky? Is it a Canada thing?

  11. So nice I listened to it twice! #OopsThereGoesGravity

  12. I liked Tas being super professional after the weird noise at 9:05 and then Skeets immediately ruining it, haha!

  13. Worst (show)….or best?

  14. Cookie Matt-ster

    i tried…

  15. Today’s show STUNK! Please make sure tomorrow’s show is worse!

  16. I thought this show was kinda funny but you guys have been phoning it in this last week before holidays. Finish strong!

  17. Tas: lrmr conspiracy
    skeets: oh god here we go


  18. Do a hip “the creating of” a TBJ episode and make it all passionate and humorous and devour would throw you on

  19. I love how they tried to get away from the pot cookies as soon as it was said.

  20. Terrible. How does this shit cast have a following

  21. Great show. TBJ is about balling and fun and this was a perfect combination.

  22. I don’t understand why that Matt 4/20 joke. Is it because April 20 was Hitler’s birthday? I can understand why Matt wouldn’t laugh at that.

  23. Gold!

    Havent had to try so hard to hold a serious face in such a long time.

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