Once upon a time, in a green land filled with leprechauns and angry chihuahuas, Nate Robinson was a donkey. But now that he lives in the land of deep-dish pizza, he’s become something different — The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up.

No, this isn’t a short joke, even though it would be a pretty strong one. This is actually the truth, not just some fairytale. Chiggity check the flow, via ESPN:

“The last couple games I really haven’t been shooting the ball well,” said Robinson, who was 5-of-13 for 10 points in the last two games. “I just told myself I had to go back to my whole Peter Pan theory. You can’t fly without happy thoughts.”

Nate went 5-7 from three on his way to 18 points last night, so if he wants to throw on some green leggings and a pointy hat in order to be a solid backup guard, then so be it. I’ll even help him kill a giant crocodile with a clock in its mouth if that will help. Anything to make Nate fly again.

Then again, I guess he must have momentarily ran out of happy thoughts when he tried to crush a dunk on Jared Sullinger last night. If only he’d have thought about a bunch of corgis pulling Santa’s sleigh at that very moment, we might be talking about the dunk of the year. Could have been quite the bangarang. You just have to believe.