Or as one announcer put it, “How did Henderson miss the layup?” And really — pretty good question.

Whoops. That’s how you lose 12 straight games.

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  1. The Knicks get a ton of sh-t for releasing confetti when they win their first playoff game in a decade but the Lakers release confetti when they eke out a win over the Bobcats? The Lakers are pathetic.

    • pls go…

      The lakers do that when they win over any opponent, and lol at you for calling the lakers pathetic while rooting for the knicks

  2. That may be a wide open layup Henderson missed, but given the circumstance also one pretty easy to botch. I suggest we all meet at a court and replay this scene. Us amateurs will probably miss 90 percent of these layups while Henderson was just the 40 percent to happen in the pros. It’s retty surprising how many layups are actually being missed in the NBA, though these most likely include more difficult situations: http://www.orlandopinstripedpost.com/2009/5/5/866053/layup-percentages
    And this here was a high-pressure situation with a trailing defender after picking up a rebound full speed.

  3. When the Bobcats weren’t completely horrible earlier in the season, I was worried about their protected pick that the Bulls have yet to receive. It looks like things are back to normal…

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