Ep. 896: Yankee Swap!

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap all 11 NBA games from last night’s schedule. Topics discussed include: ‘Melo’s MVP impact, a potential “Sad Deron” meme, KD’s beastly fourth quarter, Matt Barnes’ temper, a Gerald Green sighting, the shootout in Sacramento, Big Baby’s injury, Chandler Parsons’ handsome bobble-head, cheap tickets, and the worst fans to run into at NBA games.

All that, plus TBJ’s first ever Yankee Swap gift exchange. Basketball gifts only!

Also, don’t forget to check out our new video: “A Very NBA Christmas” CD. Call now!


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Comments (24)

  1. Sorry, but I’ve must have missed something. What happened to the old studio?

  2. Haven’t listened yet but hopefully this episode they’ll finally give the Knicks the props they deserve.


    Vagina Monkey

  3. I wanna bust on yo glorious face ;)

  4. Skeets , why are you such a hater? Amar’e will only help the Knicks you knucklehead. They went 8-2 last year under Woodson with Melo and Stat, ya dumb dumb.

  5. Amar’e – the last person before LeBron to have 20 games straight of 20+ points in a single season – will help, I think. Woodson knows how to coach.

    • I totally agree. Amar’e is only going to make the Knicks a better team, and help tremendously come playoff time.

  6. Unless they never lose again, I’m convinced Amar’e's return is a lose-lose situation for the Knicks.

  7. raps? 4 wins? 4 games with no bargnani?


  8. 1. Can we just get the old audio player back?
    2. Amar’e will be coming off the bench, likely to be slowly integrated with melo and the rest of the starters. Woodson knows better than to just throw him into a starting 5 that’s meshed so well. How would that make amar’e's return a “lose-lose” situation, especially after seeing him perform so well under woodson last year?

    • Hey Michael, what problems are you having with the player? Let us know and we’ll try and help.

  9. I want more of the Ranting Skeets Jones!

  10. Can we get some HD man, this aint pakistan

  11. So the Rap have good gate or gait?

    Happy Xmas lads, get Leigh to sing 6 white boomers tomorrow!

  12. Trey doesn’t fit a medium. Surprised this isn’t trending somewhere.

  13. Random question for discussion

    Who is the better building block: Kyrie Irving or Anthony Davis? Essentially, if you combined the last 2 drafts into one, who would go #1?

  14. How very convenient that Skeets lets himself go last which is the most advantageous spot in the game…

  15. i envision Leigh opening Seb’s nappy and procaliming “WHAT A POOP”

  16. Ooooh, Iraq me Dave Petraeus, Iraq me Dave Petraeus.

    Matt called the pun, too bad he didn’t commit :D

  17. Melo is the better scorer.

    Explanation: Durant can score more points in an easier fashion because he’s so long and so good, he can shoot a jump shot that can’t be blocked because he’s Kevin Durrant.

    Melo isn’t Durrant, he’s strong and occasionally fast, but if you look at the ways in which Melo scores it’s just insanely varied. If you gave Melo KD’s body he’d score easily, and in a more diverse fashion, give KD Melo’s body…and I’m genuinely unsure.

    KD is the better overall player no doubt (don’t get me wrong).

    Anyway don’t rule Melo out of the MVP race, he has NYC media narrative on his side. Chandler won Defensive Player Of The Year purely because he had the media narrative at his back and Dwight didn’t.

  18. Bonus random MattyO edition: the song New Age Girl from dumb and dumber would work well set just to ‘MattyO’ for lyrics.

  19. Thoughts on resemblance between Matty O and Spanish international and Chelsea player Juan Mata

  20. Guys I have a confession. I am a woman trapped in a frail weak boys body. I’m looking for a strong man to take care of me. Skeets out!

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