J.R. Smith is everyone’s everything. Remember when he and his beautiful haircut signed with the Knicks last year during Linsanity then came in and scored 60? (I didn’t look that stat up, but I’m almost certain it’s true.) Remember when he was the lovable gunner in Denver? Remember when he was the loathsome gunner in Denver? Remember when he was the lovable gunner again in Denver? Remember his slam dunk contest? Remember his purported gang affiliations? Remember him posting pictures of a model on Twitter? Remember 4,000 other things?

J.R. Smith is amazing. J.R. Smith is love. You love him, even if you don’t love him, and only J.R. Smith can even explain exactly what that means. So help him out here. Give him his tattoos back. Feel free to leave your handiwork in the comments.

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  1. I really like J.R. Smith. Always been a big fan, even as he never truly reached his potential.

    Many times, during of his Denver days, I watched him and thought : “This guy has more pure basketball talent than 95% of NBA players. He just needs a coach and a system to really exploit it and become a perennial all-star”.

  2. It’s a totally normal, human desire to want to see Chris Andersen’s tattoo’s on J.R. Smith’s body: http://garbagetimeghost.tumblr.com/post/38401884530/its-a-totally-normal-human-desire-to-want-to-see

  3. didn’t know JR had a strong case of gyno

  4. Waiting for the inevitable first post of a big cock and balls on JR’s chest…

  5. For my page, I redid some of the NBA’s worst tattoos: http://t.co/fNPmhSga

  6. well it would be a great sleeve tattoo composed of dragon and flowers.

  7. i really like JR Smith he is one of the best basketbol players

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