As any real TBJ fan knows, the best part about “The Fix” or “The Overdose” isn’t the basketball talk, comedy, or even the odd inspirational quote. No, no. It’s the drops, baby. Sweet, sweet Matty O/JD drops.

Which is why we’re proud to present to you, our loyal TBJ soldier …

The Basketball Jones first ever interactive soundboard, featuring 15 of your favorite podcast gems.

From the soul-crushing “Cool story, bro,” to the Aussie’s “What a card!” to Kenny Smith’s now infamous “Gimme some Raptor news!” They’re all there. So click on over and say goodbye to the rest of your day.

Hell, you can even download the drops as .mp3′s if you’re fancy like that.

It’s The Basketball Jones soundboard.

Best. Christmas. Ever.

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  1. Day. Made. Where’s Falco though?

  2. No Aussie talking like a Chinese man. Looking forward to v1.1.

  3. Holy fucking shit wow. Thank you.

  4. Please add Yao’s “dont be like a baby” for v.2. Biggest omission IMO.

  5. It looks like I have got some new ringtones for texts, emails, and other alerts. Thanks.

  6. This is better than anything ever.

  7. Incredible. Can’t wait to hear “Gimme some Raptor news!” every time I get a text

  8. No caw-caw?!

    I am going to crawl under my desk in the foetal position now.

  9. Heart you bros so much.

  10. Greatest gift ever. I don’t know if its awesome or sad, but whenever I press the Jazz sound drop, when its done I instinctively imitate Tas’ ‘yeahhhh’. Am going to assume it is awesome.

  11. This one is gold

  12. Best Christmas/Hanukkah present ever.

  13. This is the best! Missing “Snakes are a part of everyday life,” that one always gets me.

  14. Can’t wait for the All Leigh Ellis version.

  15. I will literally pay you real money for a soundboard app that features Leigh Ellis and Leigh Ellis only.

    You think I’m joking but I’d drop those AT LEAST a dozen times a day.

  16. It needs a recommend button + you need to optimize it for facebook. No picture? Come on people. This isn’t rocket science. I would love to share it to everyone I know but they won’t find it between all the pictures of it being 9999 degrees hot tomorrow.

  17. only reason i even come here anymore, finally!!

  18. A Leigh Ellis sound board would also be awesome

  19. Been waiting for this for a long time! woohooo

  20. Highlight of the day, and today has been a very good day!

  21. Hahaha, this is awesome. Gimme some Raptor News! More Leigh Ellis needed.

    Maybe a “Girls” and Trey Kirbey “Hey-oh”

  22. Wicked Cool guys what an awesome Christmas present.

  23. this made my week. fantastic.
    I can’t wait to get asked about my new text tones over the holidays.

  24. I am setting the alarm clock on my phone to “Goooood Morning Sweet world.” if that is available.

  25. This is long long overdue.

  26. Thaaaaaaaaanks! :-)
    “All I want gor christmas is drops-from-TBJ-shooooooooow”

  27. Pretty awesome.

    But like other posters, I am bummed about the lack of Chinese Leigh Ellis drop.

  28. Best gift ever. Thanks guys!

  29. I never realized the “I am cow” wasn’t Matt O. singing..

  30. Love it! v1.1 needs Yao’s “dont be like a baby” and the will ferrell “you sound insane” drops.

  31. Simply amazing! Well done guys and thanks!

  32. greatest thing ever

  33. This has made my day…thanks so much TBJ.

  34. this is fucking awesome!

  35. Thank you. Just in time for my company party. A lot of people are going to get the cool story bro one.

  36. This is so freaking awesome! I hear Leighs voice anytime i read something starting with “what a….” in my head anyway, but now i’m gonna listen to the original over and over and over and over and over…

    You’ve been sooooo good the last couple of weeks! Keep up the amazing work!

    Greetings from Germany

  37. festivus for the rest of us

  38. how very awesome

  39. I need the Skip Bayless no sound guys, it so dramatic how he says no

  40. Would anyone be kind enough to list where each drop is taken from (ok most are easy, but I’m quite new here :)
    Great work guys, as always!

  41. 1.1 = Rounders update music

  42. I asked for this today on twitter! So happy, gonna use it all day

  43. You guys are awesome.

  44. Fantastic! Really missing the “I Sound Like A Chinese Man”, though.

  45. Please, you gotta make that as a smartphone app! Priceless!!!

  46. I already downloaded the “Melo” and put it on my PS3, so every time Anthony scores in NBA2K, it plays that drop

  47. I recommend “You magnificent bastard. I read your BOOK.”? from the movie Patton for the show.

  48. Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

  49. We need Falco, Caw Caw and Snakes are a part of everyday life. Then my existence will be complete

  50. This is honestly the greatest thing I’ve seen (heard?) all month. Thank you!

    “What a card”

  51. Better than any of the crap Santa got me …. EVER!
    Can’t wait for V1.1 Please include the Pelican and L.A. drops

  52. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless America.

  53. Think i just clicked Melooooooooo, 500 times

  54. You didn`t have to, but you did! Orgasmic “Thank You!”

  55. This is the best!

    I’d have loved Leight’s Chinese man but I’m guessing you guys left it off so ppl could like this on Weebo.

  56. I can’t stop clicking. This is amazing.

  57. i’m just loving this! the only way to even improve this would be an app for my phone, so i can drop it when needed^^

  58. Jesus!
    You are doing excellent work and you have a bigger fanbase than you can imagine. i live in germany and you are one of the few reliable sources for nba for many of us here.

    you deserve it!!!
    make this soundboard an app and sell it for a few bucks.
    bring out some more tshirts!…i want one for example and at least 10 people around me.

    start milking the udder!

  59. Awesome! Thanks dudes!

  60. *sniff* this makes up for all the shitty christmases of my youth….

  61. all leigh ellis everyting.

  62. I don’t believe the Snakes are a part of every day life drop isn’t in here but the I Am Cow one is :( #disappointment

  63. I can’t decide on my new text message ringtone:

    “Gimme some Raptor news”
    “Locked In”

  64. I have my new notification sound now. GIMME SOME RAPTOR NEWS

  65. bye bye gangnam style ringtone and HELLOOOO “WHAT A CARD”!!!!

    Thank you!!!

  66. This is the best. Leigh Ellis could fill a TBJ soundboard all by himself. Love it!

  67. I sound like a chinese man!

    Leigh drops are the greatest thing.


  68. Have the ‘drops’ always been a part of the show or did they slowly make their way in?

    Who’s in charge of new drops, Matty-O? Do fans ever submit them?

    Keep ‘em coming..

  69. i want to wake up to “i am cow, hear me moo”.

    i want to drop “what a card” after every delicious meal.
    or… after every present opened on christmas.

  70. Cool present, bro

  71. Gustavo ayoooooooon… Whenever I see him on the court it rings inside my head

  72. I want pelican drops!

  73. If you’d like a version for your andrioid, you can download this:

  74. hella legit. can KG’s barfight make the next one please? cheers

  75. You gotta have the Australian drops on the next version


  77. I sound like a chinese man drop needs to be added to this


  79. Please include “He is so hot”, “We Don’t Know”, and Monta in the next one.

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