Ballin: 40 points on 16 shots for Paul Pierce (including six threes), who also added eight boards, five assists, three steals, a block and between 14-16 various facial hair clusters in the Celtics’ win against the Cavs. Strong.

Not so much: Hope you didn’t stay up late trying to catch some Monta Ellis highlights, because he went 1-14 from the field and had nearly as many turnovers (3) as points (4). Brandon Jennings wasn’t much better, going 9-26 while turning the ball over four times, but at least he scored 26 so it looks like he played well.

Oh me: Oh my.

I wish these were Gerald Green’s only points, but he actually had a pretty nice game, going for 21 on 7-12 shooting in the Pacers’ win against the Jazzymen.

Some facts: Here is some information regarding last night’s Warriors-Kings shootout: 258 combined points, 24 combined threes, exactly 50 percent shooting for both teams, five players with 20 or more points, 12 total in double-digits, both teams scored 30 or more points in each quarter except for the Warriors in the first. Basically, wow.

Wickets: Hey Spencer Hawes, grow your mullet a bit longer so James Harden doesn’t keep throwing passes through your legs.

In response, I expect Ricky Rubio to pull a Rick Carlisle and throw a pass through a defender’s nose within the next week.

Least: Here is an amazing stat about the Eastern Conference bottom-dwellers, courtesy of ESPN’s Daily Dime: “The four teams at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings (Washington, Cleveland, Detroit and Charlotte) all took a defeat Wednesday. In total, the four teams have combined to lose 29 straight.” That means the bottom of the East is so bad that even the Raptors aren’t one of the four worst teams.

Slow it down: Tyson Chandler likes to take his dunks nice and slow.

Maybe if last night’s entire Nicks-Knets game was filmed on the Phantom camera it would have been fun to watch. Without it, it just felt like slow motion.

Streak watch: 12 straight wins for the Thunder, 11 straight wins for the Clippers. Too bad they don’t play until January 22 because that would be a fun streak test. (Also, the Raptors and Magic have both won four straight, but that doesn’t seem to have the same cache for some reason.)

Other things: Chris Paul had no idea he reached a career milestone last night, probably because it’s not important at all … If anyone has footage of Kendrick Perkins smooching Eric Maynor, I’d love to see it … Relive some great JaVale McGee moments from the past year … Feeling up for a brutal takedown of Diva Deron Williams? Go for it … Eric Gordon thinks he’ll play this month and he’s never missed a comeback date, so definitely count on that … Play some sports coloring book activities