This might sound crazy when you read it, but I’m just going to put it out there — I think Kevin Durant is better at basketball than Josh Smith. I’m not sure if it was the three straight blocks or the dunk while getting fouled that convinced me, but I really do think it’s true.

It’s also nice that we got a Jeremy Evans-Ronny Turiaf moment between two very good NBA players during a regular season game. It would have been pretty embarrassing to have our sport’s play of the year come during the preseasons. Crisis averted.

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  1. I love how he lifted the ball just enough to clear the rim and thus avoid the chase-down block. If he would have cocked it back he probably would have been swatted away. Savvy.

  2. I want to know what he said after

  3. Trey, do you think that third block was made by KD? Check your eyes or make your posts less ambiguous. Bam!

  4. It looks like he said “this is my motherfuckin house!”

  5. Looks like he said “he’s my bitch now”

  6. For what it’s worth, it seems pretty clear that Collison was responsible for the strip that led to the fast break. Durant’s hand wasn’t near the ball.

  7. Josh Smith has been neutered.

  8. Now that’s a superstar. Defense and working hard on the fast break.

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