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On today’s final show of 2012, The Jones discuss players who should be traded, our NBA Christmas gift-giving guide, sad Deron Williams, the new All-Star Saturday Night format, Big Baby’s injury, the New Orleans Rougarou, and, considering the world is about to end, items we would add to an NBA time capsule.

All that, plus shitty birthdays, our TBJ soundboard, and a little country music.

Happy Holidays, guys. We’ll be back January 2nd.


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  1. January 2nd?? Man, I still have work most of next week. It’s going to be hella boring..

  2. Did anyone else follow along with the soundboard on a different tab and try to syncronize the drops?

  3. I totally agree – those new orleans names are all terrible, except for pelicans. new orleans mosquitos, are you fucking kidding?! who the hell comes up with those names?!?!? and what was the other thing, swamp dogs? what’s next, new orleans dirtbags? I’m just hoping for a decent pelican colour scheme right now… red gold and navy blue sounds godawful.

    • also rougarou sounds like ragout. I wouldn’t want to support a team that could be a main course in a french restaurant.

      • Not even seafood ragout at Katers served by a shirtless Greek man?

        • ok now if we could call them The New Orleans Seafood Ragout At Katers Served By A Shirtless Greek Man, that team would be my favorite team of all time. also, the short version would be “the New Orleans SRAKSBASGM” which in turn sounds like an extremely high person trying to say something about shrek’s basketball orgasm. in new orleans. which is also very solid.

  4. would be more apropriate if the Overdose had game talk, but watching the Wolves since Ricky is back: is that Rubio/Shved backcourt possibly the most creative backcourt in the league?

    • We avoid specific game talk on The OD to give it a bit of a longer shelf life.

      Monday thru Thursday podcasts are the episodes for you.

      • alright, I’ll just bring it up again when they drop a combined 18 assists some time next year ;)

  5. According to Wikipedia, one of the writers to Pontoon is a man named Luck LAIRD! Can you believe that?

  6. Who is JJ Barea favourite director/ TV show creator?
    J.J. A-Bareams

  7. Remember when the Nets were going to maybe become the Swamp Dragons in the early 90s? I think Swamp Dogs might actually be worse.

  8. What’s JJ’s favorite Prince Song?

    >Raspberry Baraea

  9. The most disgusting injury was by far Shaun Livingston destroying his knee. His scream is equally frightening.

  10. If JJ was an Asian mountain range what would he be called?

    > JJ Himalaya

  11. I think they’re saying “open”, not “ocean”

  12. What do you call JJ when he’s in the zone?

    JJ Kamehameha

  13. Guys, probably like many, I discovered TBJ via Grantland this year, and I have to say that I’ve loved every minute of it. Your podcast is my only ‘must listen’ (fix, overdose, blank) and is genuinely my favourite pod of all time (no mean feat and no empty praise). The blog is also awesome and a well worn bookmark already. Thanks for making 2012 and the nba seasons of this and last all the more enjoyable, a very merry Christmas, and long live the Jones in 2013.

    • Me too. I haven’t missed an episode since Grantland posted the OD a while back. I’ll even go back two-three days to catch up on what I missed. Great stuff TBJ!

    • My favorite is catching up on the podcast and forgetting to watch a game. Then it is like the snake eating itself or something.

    • I too discovered TBJ via Grantland this year. The Overdose has become a staple for me and the Blank Jones was also entertaining. I can’t really watch the daily podcasts because of work.

      Looking forward to 2013

  14. If the Raps trade Andrea Bargnani, will they be able to also trade the rights to the Primo pasta + “soce” commercial? So damn sick of that. It’s been on for like 3yrs already!

  15. JJ Barea’s favorite wrestler? Terry J Bollea

  16. What did JJ’s High School teacher say at the start of every class?

    “Saquen la JJ Tarea.”

  17. I’d tell you which member of the Jones has a nice set of pontoons, but we all already know. Trey Kirby, take a bow for a magical year of living dangerously.

    • slow clap for the most dedicated trolling i have seen in a while

      • Spelled my last name wrong. Points off.

        • Sorry Kerbs, phone autocorrect (I write a lot about dinosaurs).

          Was free associating about MattyO earlier and the first thing that came to mind was those animals that Richard Gere shoved up his ass. Second thing was Geico commercials, third thing was those vaguely kiwi dolls with the red hair that you could pick out.

  18. Drop idea: Matty-o saying “The Wolves are REAL”

  19. To be fair to Trey, the Reed-Custer Comets are mostly known for having a nuclear plant as part of their school district. That tip-in could have been aided by radiation.

  20. JJ’s favorite band? The Barea Naked Ladies.

  21. Actually, the Mad Men song is “Zou Bisou Bisou”

  22. Barea’s favourite book? “Fifty Shades of Grey-a”

  23. The pontoon lyric sounds to me like “out here in the open” not “ocean”. I can’t be bothered to actually google it but roll that marble around in your brain-maze…

  24. Thanks for the laughs and stuff guys.
    Kobe’s dunk contest and 81 points game video for the time capsule, also:
    A TBJ’s episode.
    A pack of Leigh’s cards.
    A Javale goofs compilation.

  25. Favorite character from “Martin” – Shenaynay Barrea


    If he became Opera’s gynecologist? Vijayjay Barrea


    Favorite annoying hip hop DJ? Kay Slay Barrea

  26. You all killed amadeus¬° Cheers!

  27. Where does he shop for furniture? JJ Ikea

  28. Barea’s favorite Dexter’s character?

    The Barea Harbor Butcher.

  29. How did JJ Barea hook up with Ms Universe? Her friends told her he was as handsome as JJ BaRedick

  30. bockbockbockbock

  31. What’s his favourite type of basketball?

    Jose Juan on Juan Barea

  32. Grossest thing in NBA game: Rondo’s arm hyperextending.

  33. What is J.J. Barea’s favorite 90s rap song?

    Dre Day by Dr. Dre-a

  34. c’mon, dont tell me you’re a JJ B’hater

  35. so many jj naysayers

  36. Who is his favourite NBA player?

    Nene Barea

  37. What does he have in his bathroom? A JJ Bidet-a.

  38. Hey guys I’m a 15 year old ball player from Los Angeles absolutely love the show listen everyday. while watching the okc Miami Christmas day game I thought that the “2 minutes, DOS” that the announcer does at the 2 minute mark of every quarter would be perfect to signal the end of the show or enter the final segment. Just an idea

    • No offense to Darrell, but if you guys EVER had a “DOS MINOTOS” drop, I would actually stop listening to this show.

  39. Also there’s no way game 1 of the 01 finals aren’t included, at least something of Iverson’s must be included

  40. I was doing my annual Monty Python Christmas Maraton, and guess what I have found at 2:31:

    As a Hungarian watching MP youtube clips, recognizing an Australian folk song from a Canadian basketball podcast sounds a bit odd, but it works for me…

  41. When he hits middle age, he’ll be JJ hair-graya

  42. What’s his favorite 200s R and B album?

    Trey Day Barea

  43. I’m jones’n for a fix. come back guys…

    • oh boy same here. I’m bored as shit right now and the guys are not coming back until basically forever (i.e. a couple of days or, as TK would say, 500 million blog years).

      yeah so…. just waitin for some ball talk…

      doop de doo…

      …nothin’s happenin…

      so how bout that lebron fella, he’s pretty good eh?



      oh boy this is tough.

      hellooooo? is there anybody?

      *Echoes of my own lonely voice fizz back to and away from me into the night at the same time. I exhale and decide to light another cigarette as I turn up the collar of my trenchcoat and pull down my hat, walking into the rain. What can I do here, I ask myself. There’s nothing do be done. But then, is there ever? I throw away the cigarette, disgusted both by myself and the misery taking over, slowly making my way through the pouring rain. Luckily my good friend Jack from Tennessee is waiting for me just around the corner. I was planning to pick him up from the store and see if he could help me do the same with some broad in a bar, but little did I know what was still in store for me that night…*

  44. Seeing as how rapid fire has gone lately + Matt’s penchant for cool stories, perhaps “and the boys will answer them lame-lame MattyO style.”

  45. Pelicans FTW, That is all.

  46. Doesn’t have to be on the return episode but could we get a Best/Worst Homer-announcers on League Pass piece. I feel like Stu Lantz needs to be discussed. Plus Malik Rose in Philly is pretty unbiased and brings an almost Webber-like analysis. Looking forward to the return.

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