Ballin: 60 points on 40 shots for the Heat’s big three. Pretty cool for a whole game, but even better when you consider LeBron James and Dwyane Wade didn’t play in the fourth. Decent per 36s on this night, I’m guessing.

Not so much: The Denver Nuggets went 0-22 from three last night, setting an NBA record for threes attempted without a make. The previous record was probably held by Byron Mullens, but I can’t confirm that.

Football: People always say LeBron James would be a great tight end, but they always forget to mention that Dwyane Wade would make for a decent quarterback.

P.S. Remember when Vince Carter used to out-athletic people? Those were the days.

Yikes: Two more ways to look at that atrocious Nuggets shooting performance: 1) their shot chart 2) this stat from the AP, “Denver scored 74 points from inside the paint, and the rest were free throws except for Ty Lawson’s 20-foot pull-up jumper with 38 seconds left in the game.” Whether by words or by pictures, that is amazing.

For the nookie: Kevin Durant’s favorite Limp Bizkit song is “Rollin’.”

Mine is probably that rap song with Method Man, but when you can shoot like this, choosing “Rollin’” is logical.

Ray Stevens: After last night’s 24, LeBron James has now scored 20 or more points in the first 23 games of this season. He also hasn’t picked up a foul in his last 212 minutes on the court. I am sure there are some other weird things like this, but these are blowing my mind enough.

Taco longy style: Relative to his height, J.J. Barea’s bomb must be the longest non-heave three-pointer of the NBA season.

It is kind of impressive that his little arms can push that heavy ball so far. Way to go, J.J.

Other things: JaVale McGee actually has a nice voice … Shaquille O’Neal gets his hot scoops from Bleacher Report … Go ahead and download Iman Shumpert’s new mixtape … Best Mavericks fan ever? … And Merry Christmas from “Inside the NBA”