Ballin: 60 points on 40 shots for the Heat’s big three. Pretty cool for a whole game, but even better when you consider LeBron James and Dwyane Wade didn’t play in the fourth. Decent per 36s on this night, I’m guessing.

Not so much: The Denver Nuggets went 0-22 from three last night, setting an NBA record for threes attempted without a make. The previous record was probably held by Byron Mullens, but I can’t confirm that.

Football: People always say LeBron James would be a great tight end, but they always forget to mention that Dwyane Wade would make for a decent quarterback.

P.S. Remember when Vince Carter used to out-athletic people? Those were the days.

Yikes: Two more ways to look at that atrocious Nuggets shooting performance: 1) their shot chart 2) this stat from the AP, “Denver scored 74 points from inside the paint, and the rest were free throws except for Ty Lawson’s 20-foot pull-up jumper with 38 seconds left in the game.” Whether by words or by pictures, that is amazing.

For the nookie: Kevin Durant’s favorite Limp Bizkit song is “Rollin’.”

Mine is probably that rap song with Method Man, but when you can shoot like this, choosing “Rollin’” is logical.

Ray Stevens: After last night’s 24, LeBron James has now scored 20 or more points in the first 23 games of this season. He also hasn’t picked up a foul in his last 212 minutes on the court. I am sure there are some other weird things like this, but these are blowing my mind enough.

Taco longy style: Relative to his height, J.J. Barea’s bomb must be the longest non-heave three-pointer of the NBA season.

It is kind of impressive that his little arms can push that heavy ball so far. Way to go, J.J.

Other things: JaVale McGee actually has a nice voice … Shaquille O’Neal gets his hot scoops from Bleacher Report … Go ahead and download Iman Shumpert’s new mixtape … Best Mavericks fan ever? … And Merry Christmas from “Inside the NBA”

Comments (8)

  1. I can’t see anyone else in the ‘mavericks fan’ picture except the woman in the short shorts!

  2. that three by barea was insane. he was on fire all of the 4th quarter

  3. no one has a favorite limp bizkit tune (except the people in Opposite World)

  4. Ridnour was there, Durant ran him over.

    • THANK YOU!

      I was sitting 14 rows up from that baseline, and it was OBVIOUS that Durant fouled Ridnour. Which is why this is only Top Ten Plays of the Day material, and not Top Ten Plays of the Week material.

  5. Barea also made a nice flop, suspend the midget please.

    • It was a make-up call against Durant for running over Luke in his highlight above. Many of the “flop” calls that JJ gets have been make-up calls from refs this season. It’s what fouled Derek Fisher out against the Mavs a week ago.

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