2012 has been the year when fashion really took off around the NBA. Sure, guys like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have been on the cover of GQ before, but this year saw three different point guards get the cover, numerous articles in the men’s mag about NBA players’ style and Rajon Rondo interning for the company in New York City. It’s gone a little overboard, honestly.

But since that is the case, it’s time for three lucky players to claim their crowns as Best Dressed Players in the NBA (According to GQ Magazine). That’s because three stars — Russell Westbrook, Dwyane Wade and Tyson Chandler  — were among the magazine’s annual 25 Most Stylish Men of the Year.

From GQ:

24. Russell Westbrook
Westbrook may get flack for his more adventurous postgame looks, but the Thunder player isn’t just about loud prints. The man knows how clothes should fit, and we have to applaud any guy not afraid of working pattern into his wardrobe—even if he did not, as he claims, “invent wearing glasses.”


12. Dwyane Wade
In a league where every big-name player believes himself a fashion plate, Wade is the rare exception: a man with great personal style who doesn’t beg for attention. The Miami superstar has a way of putting together sartorial getups with effortless flair (like the Heat!) and a lot of depth (uh, kind of like the Heat?).


8. Tyson Chandler
While other athletes can’t sprint fast enough to the big-brand luxury houses, Chandler is happy to rock a steady diet of downtown favorites, from Rick Owens to Alexander Wang—and most importantly, pull it off. He knows his away around the more formal stuff, too, but when the Knicks big man is in his edgy element, he’s in a league of his own.

That’s right — Tyson “Amish Hipster” Chandler is the most stylish man in the NBA according to the most respected men’s style magazine in the game. I don’t know what to believe any more.

My opinion aside, this is a huge victory for Tyson Chandler. Outside of NBA champion and Most Valuable Player, Best Dressed is probably the most sought-after title in the league. Almost all these fancy pants guys think they’re the best, but Tyson Chandler can actually one-up all of them by playing the GQ card. Just a few months after taking home Defensive Player of the Year, this makes for a pretty nice capper for TyChan. He’s been on a roll since June 2011 and this is just what he needs to gain wider acceptance for Doc Martens and pilgrim hats. Quite the accomplishment.

While I might not agree with this decision, it has been made. Tough break for all the other NBA fashion bugs out there — you lost to a guy who dresses like a bunch of Farrelly Brothers characters combined in to one. Better luck next year, even if Russell Westbrook already seems to have a head start.