As we’ve mentioned a few times on the show, we’re off until the new year. The show and blog will return January 2. Thanks for everything and have a safe and happy holidays.

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  1. It seems you guys take time off 3-4 times every month. I would understand if people who do hard labor would want to take that much time off, but all you guys do is mostly type. Man up, bros.

    • Those are called ‘weekends’

      • Weekdays aren’t weekends. Weekdays are the type of days these gentlemen like to rest their “hardworking” fingertips.

        P.S. If it wasn’t obvious already, I wasn’t talking about the weekends.

        • Spoken like a true asshole. Just enjoy the great content that you don’t pay for, and keep your unnecessary anger to yourself.

  2. watching the raptors or bobcats or wizards is hard work.

  3. Wishing everyone associated with The Basketball Jones, a (belated) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Enjoy the break guys and well done on being the premiere podcast of choice for basketball fans around the world…

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