… aaaaaaaand we’re back!

On today’s first show of 2013, The Jones list their NBA holiday winners and losers from the past two weeks. Thumbs down for Avery Johnson getting canned, the Knicks’ defense, Dallas’ playoff chances, Christmas Day uniforms, and Latrell Sprewell’s lame neighbors. Thumbs up for the Clippers’ 17-game winning streak, JaVale McGee’s three-point celebration, the Pacers, and League Pass-friendly Rockets.

All that, plus a tight MVP race, Christmas drinks and nipples.


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  1. I think Jrue was talking about his first win in LA. He’s an LA guy so maybe the win last year in Philly doesn’t count?

  2. Fact checker Leigh might’ve missed it, but I think I heard Tas mention Dirk taking a while to get into shape last year b/c he was upset after losing to the Heat in the Finals and didn’t touch a basketball all summer.
    Didn’t he not touch a ball b/c he was enjoying a victory over the Heat?
    I mean unless he was still upset about that ’06 loss.

  3. Love the podcast, but in a conversation of winners and losers, zero mention of the Warriors? I know they’ve been a bad team forever, but doesn’t a 12-4 December and overall 21-10 record count for something? I’m stoked that they’re winning in an under-the-radar sense, but total silence is a bit puzzling. Otherwise, great stuff, guys!

  4. how come today it had no video?

  5. I was going through withdrawal over the holidays. Good to get a fix today. Great show! Loved Tas’ subtle quip when Matt said he had a boring Christmas.

  6. The Nets might’ve rushed into the firing but Avery’s offense didn’t make a lot of sense with the lack of p’n'r between Lopez and Deron while running non-stop iso plays for JJ.

  7. I almost shat myself at the end where Tas goes “RAHHH! WE DID IT!!” after the Upton announcement.

  8. When will you guys be back in hosting court surfing??

  9. I think Tas is right about the MVP award. It should just go to the best player in the league because how could the best player not be the most valuable? I don’t agree with this whole best record in the league crap. MVP is an individual award. The team with the best record already gets rewarded enough simply by having the best record. You don’t need to also give them all the individual awards too.

  10. No loser of the holidays for DWade’s karate kick?


  12. Guys, since you compared the Clippers to the Spurs, you also have to consider comparing VDN to Pop. Since VDN played for Spurs in the past, do you guys think he has rubbed off on the team at all or is this all just VDN’s “Give the ball to CP3″ offensive sets that make the difference? (I’m only asking half jokingly)

    On a side note, who do you think the Spurs have to Del Negro (as pop would say) on defense ? TP?

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