In his rookie season, Lakers backup center Robert Sacre has become one of the NBA’s premier bench lunatics. You’ve seen him go nuts at just about anything good the Lakers do, and I’m sure you’ve enjoyed it. Though it’s been a rough season for the Lakers, Sacre’s cheering has been a definite bright spot.

But where did he get those wonderful moves? Well, let’s pretend this is a “Behind the Music” spin-off called “Behind the Moves” and let you in on his secrets. From the Los Angeles Times:

“Right from Game 1, I think people started being like, ‘What are you doing?’ ” Sacre said. “I really was just like, ‘I’m just having fun.’”

Where did Sacre get his moves?

“I learned a little bit from Yosemite Sam,” he said, referring to the cartoon outlaw from “Looney Tunes.” “He has those guns shooting up in the air, but other than that, really I just freestyle and go with it and get super excited when they make a great play.”

Seems pretty easy to emulate actually — just watch a bunch of Yosemite Sam on YouTube, wait for something great to happen and then get super excited and have fun. It’s basically just standard raging, but with pointing added in. Simple, really.

It’s not as to-the-point as Joakim Noah’s since-retired finger guns or as limited as Chris Duhon’s travel dance, so this might be the go-to NBA celebration for the layman. And considering that being a good teammate who celebrates as hard as possible any time they can will help keep you in the NBA, I’m sure doing this will make your friends and family very happy to be around you.

Give it a try tonight when something good happens in your life, then report back on its success. Next thing you know, we’ll all be Sacre-ing all the time. And really, I’m fine with that. We all are.