Ballin: Carmelo Anthony went for 45 points for the second time this season, tying James Harden and himself for this season’s single game high. The Knicks lost though, mostly because they went 10-37 from three. That’s not a lot of makes, but that sure is a lot of attempts.

Not so much: After winning 17 straight games the Clippers finally laid an egg, losing to the Nuggets while none of their players scored more than 12 points. They also shot 38.5 percent from the field, 17 percent from three and gave up 15 offensive rebounds. I guess you can probably let this one slide though, considering that streak and the fact they have the best record in the entire league.

McThree: This is JaVale McGee’s first career three-pointer and it is just as good as you might expect.

I really like the idea, which I’d bet is 100 percent true, that JaVale McGee has had this celebration ready for whenever he finally makes a three. Finally getting to bust it out in the middle of his fifth season probably felt really good.

Stat watch: After last night’s 11-point outing, the Mavericks are 1-0 when Dirk Nowitzki scores in double-digits.

Reminder: Vince Carter can still dunk, you guys. Twice in one game even.

Did you realize it has been nearly 13 years since Vince Carter won the dunk contest? Most NBA players weren’t even born then.

Pop quiz, hot shot: How many fans do you think were in attendance for last night’s crazy Kings-Pistons game in Detroit? Answer is below, but keep in mind we’re going with recorded attendance so it’s going to be higher than you think.

Reminder, part 2: It has been nearly 16 years since Kobe Bryant won the slam dunk contest.

Next thing you know, Isaiah Rider will come back from the dead and dunk in an NBA game.

Passers: 30 assists on 41 made shots for the Hawks in their win over the Hornets. Did you realize they’re second in the league in assists per game? Me neither.

Other things: Attendance for that Kings-Pistons game was reported as 12,175. Interesting New Year’s Day plans … But at least they all got to see Jimmer Fredette have a beautiful crossover get overshadowed by a quality Isaiah Thomas dance … I wouldn’t have guessed that Popeye Jones’ wife was this pretty … Jodie Meeks looks like a perfect combination of Kobe Bryant and Antawn Jamison, which is maybe how come he was able to throw in this ugly shot