I am not sure how the whole id-ego-superego psyche portion of the dearly departed Knucklehead Wizards breaks down, but I do know that JaVale McGee was the silly side of the coin and Andray Blatche was the dark side. While we all delighted in JaVale’s antics, anything notable that Andray Blatche did was truly embarrassing. JaVale McGee tried to get triple-doubles, Andray Blatche got sent home because he was out of shape. You see what I mean.

And that’s why tomorrow’s Wizards-Nets game is such a big deal, because it’s Blatche’s first time back in D.C. Trevor Booker says he should be prepared. From the Washington Post:

Booker said he already knows what kind of reaction his former teammate will receive when he makes his debut in an opposing team’s uniform.

“Probably a lot of boos,” he said. “I heard they got extra security over on his bench, just in case somebody wants to throw stuff. So I don’t know how true that is.”

Booker then joked, “I hope he makes it out alive.”

Perhaps I am underestimating how embarrassing Andray Blatche was to the Washington, D.C. metro area, but I am going to guess that he will make it out of the Verizon Center alive. At the very least, he has the Predator on his side now, so the odds are in his favor.

Booing though? That’s going to happen. Ohhh, that’s going to happen. This is a fan base that booed Andray Blatche when he was on their team and one of their highest-paid players, so now that he’s been amnestied and the team is still paying a portion of his salary and he’s finally in shape and he’s contributing to a winning team, yeah they’re going to boo him. Loudly. Like super loud. Like turn up your TV so you can bask in the hate loud.

Personally, I can’t wait. It’ll be like we finished a movie about the Knucklehead Wizards and during the credits they’re telling us what happened to all those guys once they left the team. You know, like “Gilbert Arenas is out of the NBA” or “Antawn Jamison can’t get off the bench for the most disappointing Lakers team of our generation” or “Rashard Lewis is now in the rotation for the defending NBA champion Miami Heat.” It’s going to be great. Set your DVRs now.