Ep. 899: Baby Talk

On Thursday’s ep. of “The Fix,” The Jones talk to a grown man dressed as a baby about last night’s 12 NBA games. Topics discussed include the Warriors’ physical play, Terrence Ross’ three-point barrage, the Celtics’ slide, Dirk, Brook Lopez, whether Pop will play his starters tonight in NYC, Rock Chalk Jayhawk, and Jamaal Tinsley.

All that, plus concussions, Tostitos, and the NBA’s biggest babies.


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  1. When do we get to see the video of this?

  2. We’ll have that up in a few hours.

  3. Until then, here’s a photo.

  4. Don’t be like a baby

  5. can someone please tell me what happened to the studio? is the move to the temporary or permanent?

    • It’s permanent unfortunately

      • While it’s unfortunate they lost access to the nice studio, the important thing is they are still releasing a daily NBA podcast, the video feed is just icing on the cake. Not even the NBA or ESPN have a DAILY bball podcast, let alone one that comes close to the quality of TBJ.

  6. Payoff for February – Cupid Costume
    March – Leprecaun Costume

  7. I thought yesterday’s flannel was bad, but the bunching happening with the double shirt effect today really isn’t helping hide those holiday pounds. It’s never too late to give the gift of Spanx, slimming and insulating.

    That said, The Guns of Tasarone are looking polished. Bonus points for maintaining the suck-in for the entire show. Too bad your Jazz can’t seem to maintain their form for 48 minutes.

  8. This episode deserved a Beckinsale!

  9. Do you have an url for the podcast(something that ends with rss)? I don’t use iTunes, but I would like to subscribe with another podcast program.

  10. This episode blew my mind.

    Every bookoff payoff blows my mind.

    You guys must have planet-sized testicles.

  11. I know my Sixers aren’t great to watch this year, but I didn’t realize how bad things have gotten till I heard Matts corn chip themed recap. It was more interesting to learn about the 18 varietys of Tostitos then hear anything about the game.

    Can’t help but wonder how things would be if we had taken Cousins with that #2 pick instead of Evan Turner. Sixers would at least be a more interesting team to follow.

  12. Cousins is an inefficiently shooting player, who is turnover prone. I know not why he is mentioned other than his various missteps. Is the media not paying attention to how poorly he performs at everything other than rebounding?

    This is what I see. http://www.basketball-reference.com/players/c/couside01.html

    If you go deeper into thenbageek.com database, you’ll find he harms the lowly kings chances of winning games. He is a rebounding Bargnani. Bad for his team in attitude, played excessively, and performs poorly.

    The Kings haven’t realized he is the looter in the riot, and based on that team’s current management, won’t.

    If you only counterpoint is aggregates, then you are not worthy of debate.

    • go outside every once in a while man… its good for you

    • Well, it may have to do with the fact that he is 22 years old and has the perfect kind of body for professional basketball… That adds up to “potential” in any NBA fan’s ear.

      The perception of potential in a very young player is sometimes more important to GMs and coaches aswell.

      • I understand that bigs develop slower than most players, and that GMs fall prey to loving body types and potential. My question, or difficulty understanding is that the media is not picking up on how poor a player Cousins is now, and has been for his career.

  13. But Joshua who on the kings actually makes that team better? i’ll give you that Cousin’s plays a selfish ball stopping game but the Sac-town princes’ are so awful because the team is soo young and full of irrational confidence guys who are just gunning for their own numbers.

    • He’s a player that harms the Kings both on-the-court production and has off-the-court issues. He should be benched or traded while the perception is that he is good, but troubled. His value isn’t likely to be higher.

  14. Why didn’t Joe Johnson get a whoa boy mention? 33 points (20 in 1st half). 11-19 shooting. 5 rebounds. Only 1 TO and 1 personal foul.

  15. Next book off loser gets subbed out for one show for Leigh, but during the show Leigh is referred to as the loser’s name and does his best job to take on that persona. While the loser has to be the Aussie in the booth. Girls?

  16. Matt Austin reminds me of Ted Mosbey from HIMYM. It’s just the way he tells stories.

  17. what happened to the “give me a little credit, man” drops? wouldve been perfect at times today

  18. Trey was right: Tas’ nips ARE white.

  19. Have people forgotten Tas’ bet with Phil’sbuddyGrish (I think) that the Wolves would win more games this year than the Warriors?

    Getting nervous yet Tassy?

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