Ballin: To tell you the truth, I’m getting kind of mad at LeBron James for barely missing triple-doubles (32-12-9 in a win against the Mavericks last night), so let’s give some props to David Lee for throwing up a 24-13-7 line in the Warriors’ win over the Clippers. It’s the 14th time he’s put up a 20-10 line this season and he’s the only player in the entire league averaging those numbers. Ergo, mad props.

Not so much: With 7:11 remaining in the fourth quarter, Kevin Martin hit a three that tied the Thunder-Nets game at 85. The Thunder lost by 17.

Heads up: When LeBron James is throwing no-look passes, everyone within 20 feet of the court needs to be on the lookout.

‘Twas such a forceful pass, that the cameraman who got nailed actually got his face all cut up. Ron Burgundy is like, “Always keep your head on a swivel. Afternoon delight. Milk was a bad choice.”

Get right: 29 points and 14 rebounds for Paul George in the Pacers’ win over the Wizards. Washington is currently 4-26, by the way. Just keeping you in the loop.

Lucky: After the Bulls turned a 10-point lead with 3:34 remaining in to a 2-point lead with 11 seconds remaining and the Magic with the ball, I thought I was going to have to hate them for a night yet again. This team and their blown leads. But then Jameer Nelson finally missed a shot, so no biggie.

New Magic: People are always saying that DeMarcus Cousins is a selfish player who only wants to shoot whenever he touches the ball. But look at this brilliant pass from last night, which was just one of his six assists.

Refusing to pass to the wide-open guy who can actually dribble on the fast break followed by accidentally passing to him for a layup is still assist, no matter what you say.

Stellar Gellar: Six threes for Terrence Ross in the Raptors’ blowout win over the Trail Blazers. Since April 2009, that’s only been done three times by a Raptor.

Teamy: From Gordon Hayward’s 17 to Jeremy Evans’ one, all 12 players who played for the Jazz last night scored.

Dreamy: See you later, Tony Allen.

Rajon Rondo and Tony Allen played four seasons together and Rondo has been doing that move for so long that when a player gets faked like this it’s called being “Rondo’d” and Tony Allen is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league, so it is pretty funny that this happened. Grizzlies won though, so it’s Saul Goodman.

Binary solo: Tim Duncan went for 28 points, 13 rebounds, six assists, three blocks and a steal in the Spurs’ victory in Milwaukee. He only played 34 minutes. The humans are dead.

Danny Baldwin: After last night’s 21-point outing (in just 24 minutes), Omer Asik has gone for 20 or more three times since December 10. He did it zero times in his previous 174 games.

Final result: The Suns beat the Sixers. People cheered for Michael Beasley. I don’t know.

Other things: Careful of Blake Griffin’s roundhouse kicks and corner threes … Just another run of the mill halfcourt oop from Wade to LeBron … Jeremy Lin thinks looking at the guy you’re passing to is a waste of time … Jordan Crawford has perfected the airball assist … The Nets’ PR wants you to know they are undefeated in 2013 (1-0)