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On today’s episode of “The Overdose,” The Jones set team-specific, player-specific and personal resolutions for 2013. Later, we discuss returning stars (Dirk Nowitzki, Eric Gordon, Amar’e Stoudemire), the waitress who took out Stephen Jackson, SI’s All-Disappointment Team, and hard-to-watch basketball squads.

All that, plus a Scandinavian firecracker, Kevin Durant’s ejection, tater tots and yoga.


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  1. A hamburger jones drop in the first minute? This is going to be a great overdose, I can feel it now.

  2. Part of the Terry problem is that he’s a terrible fit for the Celtics. Terry is a guy that needs the ball in his hands to be useful creating/scoring/etc. Rondo dominates the ball so much, much to the detriment of the offense, and Terry’s effectiveness. He’s not a spot-up shooter like Ray Allen is.

    • What’s up with grantland? They getting jelly of the success you guys earned?

  3. That player is f****ed up. Could you guys please use a different player? Dont want to have to always download the mp3

  4. Today’s TBJ Book-Off picks: Tas likes POR +8.5 in Memphis; I’ve got MIL -1.5 at home to Houston. Good luck, degenerates.

  5. I’m surprised Tyreke didn’t make the all-disappointment squad.

  6. Congrats on your 900th episode, guys.

  7. The talk about the Clippers as title contenders is not very sensible. When is the last time an NBA team won the championship with its PG as its leading scorer? 23 years ago…Isaiah’s 1990 Pistons. The simple fact is that PG is a very difficult position to score from, especially in the playoffs when the defense is intense and everything happens in the half-court.

    Chris Paul isn’t quite the Clips’ leading scorer this year, but he might as well be for playoff purposes, because who else will the Clippers go to late in close playoff games? They can’t rely on Blake or Crawford or Butler in those situations, so it will have to be Paul…but he will be guarded by Tony Allen, Thabo Sefalosha, Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard, Wade, maybe even LeBron, etc. Trying to score against those guys as a 6 foot tall player in a half court set is a losing proposition. There is a reason that Chris Paul, Steve Nash, John Stockton, Deron Williams, Jason Kidd, and Gary Payton have just TWO titles between them…and those two titles came when Kidd and Payton were veteran role players rather go-to guys.

    • while I used to make the same point as you – dominant point guards rarely win titles – it became increasingly clear over the last five years or so that this argument becomes less relevant by the minute, since this is obviously a (point) guard’s league now. so when you look at your stat more closely, you will find that you can win a title leaning on every single position by now: dominant guards (tony parker, manu ginobili, kobe bryant – who has the ball in his hands all the time and usually has the most assists on the lakers, making him somewhat of a point guard in the title winning triangle years – dwayne wade, the pick and rolling jason terry, etc etc), dominant forwards (dirk, lebron) or classical bigs (duncan, gasol/bynum, shaq way back when). so in short: you can’t always predict the future from how things were in the past.

      • Point guards and shooting guards are not the same. Moreover I don’t see what has changed over the past five years. The Heat won–LeBron is 6’8″. The Mavs won–Dirk is 7 feet. The Lakers won –Kobe is 6’6″. The Spurs won–Duncan is 6’10″ and Ginobili is 6’5″.

        Chris Paul is 5’11″ and three quarters according to draftxpress. It is hard to get good shots when you are that short. Paul can be capably guarded by defenders who are HALF A FOOT taller than him. The same can’t be said for Kobe or Lebron, or Duncan or Dirk–there isn’t anyone out there above seven feet tall that can play lockdown D on an athletic SF, and there definitely aren’t any 7’5″ centers capable of guarding Duncan or Dirk.

        • so now you’re changing your argument to size and not to leading scorers? listen, I know what you’re trying to say, but you’re bringing up a lot of different arguments at once here, making your hypothesis very unclear and methodically weak (as proven by the fact that I would have to answer to you regarding changes in team development, evolution of pgs and centers, roles of players on winning teams, size – and the assumption that you can foresee what will be based on what happend in the past under very different conditions in general. which no one would read or care about, so I’m not doing that). in a nutshell: you’re saying five different things at once and I don’t agree with all of them. let’s see what happens when a dominant / leading scorer-point-guard wins finals MVP in the future, which will inevitably happen because guards rule this league by now.

          • also, sorry for sounding like a wise-ass-y douchebag and, needless to say, I agree with jon. this is a very confusing argument and I will shut up now.

    • Your last point doesn’t match up with the rest of your premise. The leading scorers for some of those teams you were implying were guys like David West, Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki, Karl Malone, Richard Jefferson, and Shawn Kemp.

  8. lmfao at Marqueef Moreass

  9. Who’s Jodie’s favorite band? Bon Jovi Meeks.

  10. What’s his favourite muppet characters? Bunsen and Meeker.

  11. Pun Gun should be renamed Rhyme Time.

  12. Hahahahaha!

    Skeets unleashed fury on Leigh Ellis.

  13. What’s Jodie’s favourte part of silence of the lambs?

    When Jodie foster weeps.

  14. An ambitious regimen of situps Trey, but it’s a long and winding road for sure. The TBJ team should probably weigh in each week so we can get some good data over to nate silver to crunch and eventually get up on intrade. The Guns of Tasarone should also be measured for authenticity. Wondering if MattyO has ever experimented with rolling a la Sonic or whether he’s more of a Metroid guy.

    Leigh: how about some Aussie Open predictions?

  15. What do you call it when you fall on your ass in the mud?

    Grody Cheeks.

    What do you call the month after winning a fantasy basketball league?

    Gloating Weeks

    What did the gangsta say to his gardener?

    Grow deez leeks!

  16. is Leigh saying yoga or yogurt?

  17. What’s his favorite Brad Pitt movie moment?

    When Jodie Meets Joe Black.

  18. i had to rewind for that shout-out list. one of the best ever. people steppin’ up their twitter queef handles. on that note, grody queefs! come on now.

  19. Skeets, do you hate Andre Drummond? Well… aside from shooting free throws…

    • skeets is clearly a dumbass if he thinks the pistons are unwatchable, particularly the last 2 weeks or so. Bynum and Drummond alone make them worth watching. Both of Drummonds steals, one man breaks and dunks were awesome. Obviously it has more to do with the players he doesnt like rather than the team/game itself. On a related note, most pistons fans hate Cv and Daye as well (at least until this last little run).

      • I agree with Skeets, Piston’s games are depressing. The stands are so empty- the lack of excitement just wears you down. The team, apart from the occasional Drummond alley-oop, is not exciting. They are a You-tube only team for me.

        • whoa careful, That Man, you’re in the *dangerzone*! you fulfill tim’s criteria for “clearly being a dumbass”, which consist of: 1) not enjoying to watch the pistons, 2) particularly in the last 2 weeks or so.

          I’m just giving you a heads up, you know, us dumbasses gotta stick together. although my ass is probably even dumber than skeets’ or yours, since the pistons kill my vibe so hard that I haven’t even really given them a chance yet (I’m not staying up till 4 in the morning to watch a team with that little buzz to it, sorry. even if that makes me a megadumbass).

  20. Throwback shout out: Sidney Monqueef

  21. Congrats on 900 guys. HIlarious show from start to finish def a beck.

  22. Who’s his favorite NBA player?

    Maurice “Jodie” Cheeks

  23. Who’s his favorite twitter shout out handle?

    Jodie Jizz……y teacup

  24. At last you cut shoutouts to twitterhandles, cause that’s the most boring part of your show. I’d like that you have “Tweet of the week”, but using 5 minutes of naming twitterhandles isn’t funny for any other than maybe you guys and the ones whose handle you read.

    Other than that – GREAT SHOW!

  25. Steven Jackson’s injury like a Seinfeld episode? There was a great 2001 Curb Your Enthusiasm episode where Larry David (Executive Producer of Seinfeld) trips Shaq court-side. Shaq’s injures keeps him out a few months. Check out the episode!

  26. What did he hate in Highschool? Jodie Cliques.

  27. Who is his favourite artist?

    Jodie Memphis Bleeks

  28. Congrats on 900 episodes!

  29. If he slept with JR Smith, what would we get pictures of?

    Jodie’s cheeks.

  30. yo trey why do you keep saying because as buh-cuz lol

  31. Love that Skeets never fails to mention his fantasy team.

  32. What is the favorite R&B singer of a reserve Laker? Jodeci Meeks.

  33. Love the show. Have been listening off and on since it started. Around 2004 or 2005? Anyways, I just wanted to say that there should be more articles by writers about the lack of effort by the Lakers. I was watching that Knicks game and the entire time they were saying that the Lakers were old. Never mentioned that the Knicks were the oldest team in the history of the NBA. A team with Dwight should be at least making the playoffs. Kobe is not that old. Just look at Jordan’s career. Kobe always needs a ton of stars to carry him. He seems to only make the playoffs is he has allstars carrying him. Big men. Guys like Shaq, Lebron, and Duncan put fear into teams. Even with joke players around them they were competitive. Jordan never had Gasol, Shaq, Payton, Malone, Howard, Nash, Artest.. This list goes on forever. Kobe is a great player, but I just feel that he says he is competitive too much. Jordan didn’t talk about other players. He just went out there and got the win. No excuses.

    • The lack of effort is an epidemic all around the league, I must say. There is no other reason why great players play poorly most of the time. Gasol, Dwight, Cousins… the list is just endless. They just don’t care. It is depressing to watch guys making 100 000 $ per game to be so uninterested in playing and wining… It is a league of primadonas, now more than ever I fear.

  34. Why did he get thrown out of gym class? Because he Jodie Peeks.

  35. Who’s his favorite guru?
    Jo-Deepak Chopra Meeks.

    Who’s his favorite recovering meth addict?
    Jodie Sweetin Meeks

    Who’s his favorite rapper?
    Jodie Meek Mill

  36. Leigh’s tweet of the week was the first time I’ve ever laughed-out-loud at my work desk while listening to the podcast. Amazing. Simply amazing, Leigh.

  37. What would would his name be if he was skinny and white? Jody j.e. skeets!

    How did this not happen?!?!


  38. I know I’m really late but I just got an opportunity to listen to the overdose today. I have a pun to submit. Why didn’t Jodie ever get Christmas presents as a kid? Cause Jodie Peeks.

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