Would it surprise anyone to learn that Gregg Popovich — he of the brusque sideline interviews, refusal to listen to Stephen Jackson’s rapping and other general grumpiness — would think that one of his players is online too much? And would it surprise anyone to learn that that player was Mr. Rapsobeat himself, Stephen Jackson?

Well, prepare to not be surprised then. From the Minnesota Star-Telegram:

“Jack’s a pain in the (butt),” Popovich said. “Look at him, all he does is twitters.

“He’s twittering some stuff right now that’ll probably get him fined, and then I’ve got to call the league and talk to the league and say, ‘Yeah, I talked to him.’ ”

Jackson then chimed in and said: “It’s not Twitter. It’s Instagram.”

Not much else for me to say here except for that this is perfect. Every part of it — Pop’s weird usage of “twitter” in a sentence, their relationship that no one understands but everyone adores, Jackson’s quote at the end — it is all perfectly Spurs-y. I just want to take a picture of this moment, throw the Brannan filter on it and call it a day. 16 likes, for sure.