The Detroit Pistons are dead last in home attendance and sell a whopping 15 percent less of the Palace’s seats than any other team in the league sells of their arena’s seats. But all that changes tonight (probably not), as they’re going to lure every nerd from age 16-60 in the midwest to their thriller against the Hawks.

How are they going to do this? The Force. Via

“Star Wars Night” is back at The Palace of Auburn Hills this Friday, Jan. 4 when the Detroit Pistons play the Atlanta Hawks at 7:30 p.m.!

Billy Dee Williams – or Lando Calrissian to fans of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi – will sign autographs during “Pistons Power Hour” from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Palace North Pavilion as part of “Friday Night Out,” presented by Buffalo Wild Wings.

Lando will be joined by Chewbacca, R2-D2, Boba Fett, Jedi Knights and – from the dark side, Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers – throughout the evening. The Pistons’ Star Wars-themed halftime show will also feature Star Wars video footage courtesy of Lucasfilm and a performance from our Pistons Entertainment teams.

Star Wars-themed food and cocktails, like the Darth Burger and the Yodatini (Hint: It’s green!), will be available for purchase in the North Pavilion throughout the game.

Oh man, Billy Dee Williams (age 75) and Yodatinis? Sounds wild. And there are going to be a whole bunch of people wandering around in costumes? Should be a very fun environment, so sign me up.

And hey, if this works and people actually go to a Pistons game, why not go for a famous movie promotion every night? A “Titanic Night” where a string quartet never stops playing could be very successful, and an “Avatar Night” where everyone plugs their USB cords in to each other’s heads sounds brilliant. I’m no marketing expert, but this is a team that needs to draw some fans, so anything helps. And if no one shows up, just call that game “John Carter Night” because no one will know the difference.

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  1. yeah, they have been running a lot of halftime concerts and other marketing ploys to get people in the seats. Part of it is the team being terrible (though the second unit and Drummond especially have turned some of that around). But I think a huge factor is the terrible economy/housing/job market of the greater Detroit area. I am a pistons fan and, like many of my friends who grew up in MI, no longer live there. MI has experienced massive brain drain in the last 2 decades.

    Also, why do you fuckity fucks never talk about drummond? Surely you can spare a minute of raptor news to at least mention the rookie with the highest PER?

  2. I agree with Tim. It is downright infuriating that the homer TBJ staff talk endlessly about the ultra-shitty league-expansion fiasco that is the Toronto Raptors, (a true wank stain in the league’s history book), instead of showing some love to the Pistons- a team that has actually accomplished something in the past decade.

    • Dont get me wrong. I dont mind the raptor news, but I do think they need a little more even hand across the league. Fans of all 32 teams listen to this. Still the best sports podcast on the web.


  4. Yodatini? Recipe please.

  5. It doesn’t help that the Pistons aren’t contenders BUT one of the reasons your not selling any tickets is location of the Palace to be honest. I live downriver and I would love to have season tickets. I can’t justify the two hour drive a couple times a week though. Move the Pistons to Detroit (and beef up security lol) and that might help.

    Just my $0.02,+Auburn+Hills,+MI&daddr=Allen+Park,+MI&hl=en&sll=42.257492,-83.210964&sspn=0.093891,0.209255&geocode=Fa2AiwId1McJ-yEq1vgmyNQ4pClhMlHS0-okiDEq1vgmyNQ4pA%3BFYLMhAId4kwK-ymblin-YjY7iDE9H_5DnnfWmw&oq=Palace+of+A&mra=ls&t=m&z=10

    • Skee nailed it. The drive to the Palace is terrible. I did attend Star Wars night and it turned into a nail-biting game. As my friends and I drove there, we said if the Pistons played downtown, we would have season tickets. But the drive to Auburn Hills just isn’t worth it, even if the team was still in its 2004 heyday.

  6. The Yodatini™
    Vomiting, there will be.

  7. Pistons suck that’s why no one talks about them, you don’t hear people clamoring for suns news, they suck and are way too yellow instead of pure orange.

  8. Damn I’m a Pistons fan and uh a huge StarWars fan… (the first three), too bad I live onthe westcoast….

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