Quite a different style than that of Yosemite Sacre, but I really like Bazemore’s deliberate points and flexes and chops. It’s like he’s reacting to the proliferation of bench players going insane by synthesizing all of his happy energy in to one big gesture. It’s an innovative approach and I look forward to seeing how it develops as the Warriors continue to play well.

Also, it’s super funny.

(via Reddit)

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  1. I was soooooo hoping the celebration after Blake hit the backboard was included. It was!!!

  2. He’s the best. Love the one knee down one finger pointing straight up position.

    He also beasts in the D-League. They send him and Tyler down to the Santa Cruz Warriors whenever they can and he gets huge numbers and then comes back.

  3. The fact that there’s almost 2 1/2 minutes of this and hardly any of them are the same is astounding.

  4. There are some who belong on the court to make big shots. There are some who belong on the bench to coach a team to a championship. Then there are those who belong on benches just for this reason the last great person at doing this was Scal. Is this the new Scal?

  5. Warriors are official no.1 league pass team now. Also, I would love to be paid $473,604 to do that.

  6. Way to insert yourself into the highlight reel.

  7. None of these dude can touch the cool mellow of Marquis Daniels and Co. flexy fun (though sadly not so much fun in Boston these days).


  8. As an avid Warrior fan, I’ve come to term his bowling-like follow through celebration for threes as the “Shoot the Moon”

  9. This whole post is sacre-ligious

  10. It looks like his go-to move is the BYAAAAHHH!! from Chappelle’s Show/Howard Dean, which is excellent. Do it in your rec league games when you make a 3.

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