Ep. 901: Hashtag WTF

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones list their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs down, once again, for the Lakers’ defense, Dirk and his free-falling Mavs, Kevin Love’s metacarpals, the Heat’s rebounding issues, and the confusing Royce White vs. the Rockets drama. Thumbs up for the Celtics’ weekend, the Blazers 3-1 road trip, Kyrie Irving game-winners, and sneaky Ty Lawson.

All that, plus “conversations,” hockey, asterisks, and Kobe on Twitter.


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  1. So “pumped” is now officially part of the TBJ lexicon, way to go Tas.

  2. Jesucristo Trey! They say a jersey doesn’t lie, but I wish this one did.

    • One of your worst jokes from this terrible bit.

      • geez don’t talk to him, now he won’t shut up for at least another month… just show some sympathy! it’s though for him out there now that everybody likes lebron. hard times to be in hate driven journalism.

        it’s okay skip! we still remember your name! I’m sure your parents maybe kind of love you, in their own way, and everything’s gonna be just fine.

  3. Loser has to shave his eyebrows.

  4. Heh. Melas was so scared of anyone saying anything definite about the Royce White situation. “WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!”

  5. About the Heat’s rebounding woes, why doesn’t Spo give Josh Harrellson (aka Big Jorts) a chance? He can give you rebounds while spreading the floor and was mad decent when the got mins with the Knicks last year.

    • Because the Heat are about their offense – they will miss a few rebounds but they need skoring on the other end so they stick with the proven warriors.

  6. At what point are the Twolves injuries no longer a product of bad luck but a trend that can be blamed on the training staff? what are they doing or NOT doing compared to other teams in the league. It’s not like they are old and out of shape, not to mention they have played 5 or 6 fewer games than some other teams.

    or, maybe it really is just bad luck. Thoughts?

    great show

    • yeah I thought the same thing. not much to talk about here I guess, since no one knows what’s going on in their medical staff (or any medical staff I guess) but it sure is strange. also, much like you can hear from guys like steve nash, just because your knee aches it doesn’t mean your problem is actually the knee – it may be a symptom, not the cause. which may seem obvious, but when you in turn hear of ricky rubio having back spasms b/c of him possibly overcompensating for his bum knee, you do start to wonder: shouldn’t the medical staff maybe have considered that before? I have no idea if that was just a risk they were willing to take, but aren’t they maaaybe also paid to prevent those things before they actually happen? I dunno, maybe it’s all a coincidence. but minnesota just seems like the kind of franchise that tries to save money in the medical department, since they’re prone to doing stupid things… *sigh*

      • Rubio – knee

        Budinger – knee

        Lee – knee

        Howard – knee

        Roy – knees (although obviously an issue previously)

        I’m not saying, but just saying…

        • I don’t think the staff can be blamed for Rubio’s knee. They can be blamed for rushing him back, leading to back problems, etc. But they were being stingy with his minutes limitation, so I would hope they’re not pushing him back faster than his body will accommodate.

          Kevin Love hurt his hand while working with his personal trainer, came back early because he wanted to, and now is out for another month because he returned too early. Kevin is a baby who is going to blackmail the front office into doing whatever he wants until he leaves Minny, so I place most of this blame on him and only some of the blame on Minnesota for allowing a 24 year old to set his own dangerous workout routines and to choose when he returns from major injuries.

          Brandon Roy – 100% on David Kahn for being duped into believing Roy can play basketball when Portland is STILL paying Roy $20 million a year to not play for them.

          Pek – Will always be slightly injury-prone because he’s so big

          AK-47/Josh Howard – all injuries are to be expected because they’re over 30 and have logged approx. 1 million NBA minutes between the two of them

          Malcolm Lee – Hopefully (flukey) injury for an injury-prone player

          As a Wolves fan, I’m been trying to figure out the “Why Us?” question as well. I think it’s a mix of bad luck (injuries seem to follow Adelman, don’t they?), signing old/injury-prone players and perhaps rushing players back from injury to keep in the playoff hunt.

          • I tend to support your point of view, but at the same time it’s just super weird that e.g. virtually no one ever seems to be injured when playing for phoenix. I don’t want to talk about their supposedly legendary medical staff once again but on the other hand, I don’t really know what the chances are, in the wolves’ case, for that many players to be injured at the same time and all this being completely unconnected to any medical staff issue. in other words: I think you can guess how good a medical staff is ESPECIALLY when a lot of injury prone players are on a roster -> if those guys never miss games, chances are you’re doing something right. if they do miss games, maybe it’s bad luck, but maybe you could do a better job. so your staff is probably not AWESOME in that case. which I think they should be, since we’re talking about pro sports here. where else should the best sports docs be working? for the nasa? well whatever. I just hope the wolves get healthy quickly. I’m not getting league pass until at least ricky is back.

          • edit:
            I think what I’m gettin at is this: the medical staff is probably similar to world class goalkeepers in football/soccer – there are goals that a keeper can’t prevent and won’t get any blame for when conceding such a goal, but a truly world class keeper will find a way to save those shots anyway.
            and that’s what a medical staff for such high-powered franchises should optimally be like, preventing injuries even though they are very likely to occur and very very difficult to prevent.
            so spend some fucking money on your medical staff, nba!

  7. Isn’t it ironic that Kobe’s twitter handle follows 23 people? Just saying.

    • Not even close to ironic.

    • -Irony.
      is a rhetorical device, literary technique, or situation in which there is an incongruity between the literal and the implied meaning.

      Clearly someone has not seen ‘Reality Bites’.

      -What you were thinking of
      A mixed metaphor.
      is one that leaps from one identification to a second identification inconsistent with the first.

      Not trying to be a douche, it just annoys me when people use this incorrectly.
      And if you are ESL my sincerest apologies.

  8. You guys mentioned it on Friday overdose surely this months book off loser should have to get a manicure and a pedicure with Leigh (although not sure from his silence during the discussion that this is a punishment for Skeeter) and then save the waxing till hairy captain anatomy is losing!

  9. line of the podcast:

    “…just those dick moves that the Boston Celtics are so good at…”

  10. If there’s an astrix on SA’s title then shouldn’t there also be an astrix on Miami’s title last year?

  11. Fuck the maimi heat, Lebron is a bitch I hope he dies and goes to hell go for abandoning Cleveland, he’s a cocky sack of shit I burnt my Lebron jersey at a party after he had the “decision”
    I hope he gets assassinated, im sure there’s someone out there who hates him enough. FUCK THE HEAT and all you bandwagon bitches .

    OKC all day.

    Ps. Love the podcast I check in every day to hear you guys keep it up, give some props to Derozan, playin great right now, only reason the raptors are doing mediocre.

  12. in the opening picture with einstein, stupidity is misspelled as “stupidy”.
    just sayin’.

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