As Stephen Jackson would maybe say but probably not, NBA players are bout dis shoe life. Meaning they have lots of shoes, but I’m sure you get what I was trying to say. NBA players have lots of shoes, OK? New ones for all their games, a bunch of pairs at home to take pictures of, near a Sharpie to be signed and given away — just shoes galore.

But not Jamal Crawford. He’s been wearing one pair of Nike Hyperdunks the entire season and they’re killing his feet. From the Los Angeles Daily News:

Crawford was injured while making a move during the first half of the Clippers’ loss Tuesday to the Denver Nuggets. He played the next night against the Warriors only because teammate Caron Butler missed the game for personal reasons.

An old pair of shoes, with the padding and support past its expiration date, was to blame, according to Crawford. Normally, he wears one pair throughout the season for home games, another for road games and a third pair for practices. This season, he stuck with one pair.

And it cost him.

When a group of reporters approached him to ask before Saturday’s game if he had a new pair which he had taken a new pair out of one of the boxes and boxes a shoe company supplied to him, Crawford said, “Yes, I do,” and held up a shiny new pair.

“I have a little plate in there, too, to keep it stable,” said Crawford.

People ask me all the time, “Why do you have so many shoes?” Now I finally have a good answer — because Jamal Crawford hurt his foot one time. Thanks Jamal, for making sense of my life.

And hey, this might be the ultimate case of a squeaky wheel getting the grease. All it took was one little foot injury for him to get some new shoesies. Pretty smart plan, even if it did cost him a couple of games and he probably could have afforded a second pair. But now he’s got new shoes and a foot that isn’t totally destroyed, so it’s a best of both worlds kind of thing. All the better to dribble between your legs.

(via SLAM)

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  1. Sebastian Telfair is horrible.

  2. They couldn’t be bothered to say what the new shoes are? Is he sticking with the Hyperdunks? Maybe he got a new and improved Hyperdunk+ that tells him how many ankles he’s broken?

  3. It’s kinda weird that I have more basketball shoes than Jamal Crawford. If he wants, I can drop a few pairs off this Wednesday. He just needs to let me know his size.

  4. Quite surprised to read this. From what I’ve understood these guys have a new pair each game. Which doesn’t make any sense either.

  5. What do they mean “got stuck” – these guys are so spoiled that they refuse to buy a freakin pair of kicks if it is not provided for free? According to a pair for each game would cost 9 000 $. And according to he is making a touch below 61 000 per game this year. C’mon?!! Risking your health for 9 grand? Spoiled ir stingy, can’t decide yet.

  6. strange to hear and surprising too

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