Ballin: It is kind of hard to pick the Lakers to win even a nominal Internet good things have happened award, but Dwight Howard grabbed 26 rebounds in yesterday’s loss to the Nuggets and that’s a lot of rebounds. He also took a three, hurt his shoulder and tried on a Magic hat at a store because this is the Dwight Howard experience now.

Not so much: Which of these stats is worse — that the Wizards ended yesterday’s loss to the Heat on the wrong side of a 21-o run or that they scored just two points in the entire fourth quarter? No matter which you pick, these are very Wizards stats.

Movers: Kemba Walker, looking all UCONN over here.

The Cats went on to win in overtime, notching both their second win in three games and their second win in 21 games.

Fun watch: From 11:15 to 8:30 in the fourth quarter, the Memphis Grizzlies had five consecutive turnovers and the Phoenix Suns missed five consecutive shots and turned the ball over once while neither team scored. Just a reminder to never watch a Grizzlies-Suns game in 2013, the year of our Lord.

Shakers: Maybe I am crazy, but this almost seems like too many crossovers.

To DeMar DeRozan’s credit, at least he didn’t fall down. It could have been worse.

B-E aggressive: As pointed out by Andrew McNeill at Daily Dime, during a five-possession stretch at the beginning of the third quarter, the Detroit Pistons were called for four charges. Maybe take a pull-up jumper?

Aroundsies: Andre Iguodala saw all the fancy moves Kemba Walker and Kevin Durant were pulling, then decided to one-up them.

Nice night for streetball moves in the league. Too bad Jamaal Tinsley wasn’t playing.

Other things: From the weekend, but you have to see Ty Lawson stealing JaVale McGee’s shoe … Kevin Durant is sorry he keeps getting all these techs … DeMarcus Cousins to the Celtics is supposedly getting close … Just a classic bit of JaVale McGee tip-dunking on his own teammate … GIF up top is from Jimmer Fredette’s wedding video