First there was this.

Then there was this.

And then somewhere, Zach Randolph and Robert Horry both started having a feeling that someone was talking about them for some reason.

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  1. The body language of the Lakers bench player in the back of the video cover sais it all… What a bummer.

    • Look up a video oof Dennis Rodman defending. It looks alot like this. One thing: as stiff as he may have been, still fantastic footwork by Peace and great timing in using his hands to poke at the ball and the ball only. But I agree, he looks really awkward. Just like the late great Rodman did

  2. I keep looking at the first video and wonder – how the hell is Metta World Peace a great on-ball defender. The way he moves, the way he runs, all of his movements look so stiff. His body looks so damn clumsy… He stole the ball three times form a somewhat good ball-handler.Just puzzling.

  3. Hey Dwight, there are times to go for that big block, and however fluky that sequence ended up being, that aint one of them. Just catch the damn ball.

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