Ep. 902: Honey Nut Cheerios

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones breakdown last night’s heated Celtics-Knicks game — ‘Melo vs. Garnett, Rondo’s one game-suspension, Avery Bradley’s defense, Paul Pierce’s MSG trolling — before discussing Eric Gordon, Beal’s game-winner, and the Bucks parting ways with Scott Skiles.

All that, plus Woody Allen impersonations, Hall of Famers, DMC, Kobe tweets, and Katherine Webb.


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  1. bla bla bla random unfunny manboob joke bla bla bla

  2. The Investigation sounds awesome. Oakley gets to be the cheif (2nd option is Robert Parish), Rick Barry as the asshole no. 2 who noone likes but gets it done, agree on Mourning and LJ as partners. Kurt Rambis can work in the lab (glasses).

  3. I don’t think he’d get suspended. I mean, can’t he just say he was waiting by the bus to apologize to KG? How would they prove otherwise?

  4. Reactivate the Fun Police!

  5. Can anyone tell me WHY Danny Ferry Snitched on Rondo? What does he gain by him telling them that? This ISN”T the playoffs, its the regular season. Which means he’ll likely to return after 1 or 2 games. Fuckin’ Rat.

  6. I love me my Taswell Melas, but the Wolves are not trading for DeMarcus. They chose to draft the clearly inferior Wesley Johnson over him in 2010 because they were afraid of Boogie’s character issues. There certainly hasn’t been enough change in DMC’s attitude for the Wolves front office to trade for a player they could have drafted 3 years ago.


    • also, what’s the point. wolves need shooting, not more inside presence. DMC and change for pek and whatever sounds like a terrible idea to me. why would you improve an area you’re already ok in a little bit while leaving an area you really really suck at completely unchanged?
      on a personal note, I like pek and his stonefaced go-away-or-I-break-you-in-half-with-one-hand impression, trading him for DMC’s antics would turn the wolves into a gigantic cousins-love diva show. ugh.

    • “Bargnani: eiwww…. no thanks” would be the consensus among Jazz fans. They’ve seen enough porous paint defence since the mid-noughties to last a lifetime. The Raptors’ performance sans Bargs the past season and a half is fair warning to any team.

  7. Lee’s “were you just born?!” needs to be a new drop that was hilarious!

  8. Melo won’t be suspended for more than 3 games ’cause otherwise he would miss the Europe Trip to London. And David Stern won’t let this happen.

    • Excellent point, though I doubt something as innocuous as spontaneously forming a twenty-man bus stop would earn a multi-game suspension. Did they even meet by sight?

  9. I love hearing Matt giggling in the background. It’s so freaking funny.

  10. Can we get a little outrage about this next show?

  11. welp, this landed in the wrong post. so, more appropriately here:

    the Kings most certainly have no interest in dropping Jason Thompson, seeing as how he’s been the most consistent player they’ve had all year and pretty much the only one that gets the concept of being a roleplayer. Thornton, dunno, could see him get traded, but not as a salary dump, since he should still have quite a bit of value and all the other chuckers on the Kings won’t fetch anything.

  12. Surprisingly, Steve Novak is a decent defender. He was not the reason Jeff Green went off.


  13. Next, KG to LeBron: “Yo mama smells like a hamburger”

  14. Based on what Skeeter (Skeet boy?) said about Bernard King T-Mac is a lock for the hall

    Lock him into Springfield

  15. Please take today’s Tas Jazz drop and lay it over the actual Jazz drop.

  16. Didi is aj’s mom -americans

  17. For the record, the NBA called Rajon Rondo to speak about the bump with the ref, and Rondo responded by saying that the league will do whatever they want anyway and hung up the phone on the NBA. Hence the whole “not cooperating with the investigation”.

    Of course, this is according to ‘multiple sources’.

  18. Totally put icecubes in my CM

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