When you are talking notorious chuckers in today’s NBA, four names come up time and time again: Kobe Bryant, Nick Young, J.R. Smith and Jamal Crawford. And basically all of them don’t think they’re actually chuckers, even if they back that up with irrefutable gunner logic. Jamal Crawford is no different.

From the New York Times:

“I honestly have a conscience,” the soft-spoken Crawford said in reference to his reputation as a player who has never encountered a shot he didn’t like. “But once I miss one, I believe the next one is going in. I’ve shot that shot a million times and I believe it’s going in.”

I love this. No one wants to be known as a ballhog, but all these guys who refute their reputation with things only ballhogs would say. Here, Jamal Crawford is basically saying, “I really do give careful consideration to my shots, but if I miss I’m pretty sure the next one is going in because I shoot all the time.” This is especially funny when you consider Jamal hadn’t practiced shooting before this summer, which means the bulk of those “million times” came during games. That just means this makes more sense.

But hey, Jamal Crawford did practice this summer and he’s been destroying since arriving in Los Angeles, so if he “honestly [has] a conscience” that keeps telling him to shoot and make it, then I think the Clippers are fine with that. Besides, that little voice in his head is the exact same one that always encourages Jamal to dribble through someone’s legs, and we definitely don’t want to shut that up, do we?

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  1. NBA players are full of contradictions. Especially this fellow.

  2. I wouldn’t say he’s “destroying.” His numbers are pretty much the same as his career numbers now that he’s come down from his early season burst.

    • He’s having, at worst, his second-best season by most measures. And he’s in his 13th season, so I’d consider it “destroying.”

      • I don’t think “second-best season” is notably beyond his previous production or expected production. His advanced stats are up a bit, but 42/35/90 with horrendous defense is pretty much exactly what you expect out of JCrossover.

  3. clips are dope as hell


    I always think Jamal’s next shot is going in too.

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