So the Wizards beat the Heat, joining the Grizzlies as the only team in the league to beat both of last season’s Finals competitors. And even though Skeetstradamus told you on yesterday’s show that the Wizards would keep things close because the Thunder wouldn’t care about the game, when that did happen, people were still confused.

And yes, that is exactly what happened, at least according to the team’s best player and superstar, which seems like a pretty trustworthy source as far as I’m concerned. From the AP:

“We let them stick around, because we’re not taking them serious enough,” Durant said. “We can’t do that, man. We can’t do that.”

To be fair, this is a team that has won just 25 of its last 99 games (including last night’s win), so not taking them seriously enough is probably OK most of the time. Just not all of the time, lest you lose on a buzzer beater by a 19-year-old rookie.

But this sort of thing does happen, good teams not playing their hardest against bad teams. How else do you explain the Bobcats having such a good record against the Lakers? It’s nothing to worry about, unless the Thunder decide to treat every team like the Wizards. But since most teams don’t poop in each other’s shoes, that shouldn’t be a problem.

However, if every other team in the league starts acting like the Wizards, then the Thunder are in trouble and my job gets super easy. A man can dream.