Ballin: 24 points, 11 rebounds and four assists for Carlos Boozer, who went for 20 or more points for the third straight game, something he hasn’t done since January of 2011. It’s already his 17th double-double of the season, just one short of his entire last season.

Not so much: The Notre Dame Fighting Irish lost their first BCS Championship Game by 28 points and I couldn’t be happier about that.

Wiz game vicious: Hey Thabo Sefolosha and Kendrick Perkins, watch out for the pump fakes.

The Wizards have five wins this year, two of which came against the Thunder and Heat. Only them and the Grizzlies have beaten both of those teams this season.

The Duke: Speaking of the Grizzbomb, Wayne Ellington set a career high with 26 points on 10-11 shooting, including 6-7 from deep. He also didn’t turn the ball over and only fouled once. His performance last night was the basketball equivalent of throwing a two-hitter.

Hustle hard: Eric Gordon can block shots, you guys.

He can also make shots (kind of), going 9-22 and leading the game in scoring with 24 points. No knee injuries either, so win-win.

Sorry: I turned on the Mavs-Jazz game last night just after Dirkus Circus made a jumper to push the Dallas lead to 82-74. The Mavericks scored 12 points in the next 12 minutes, lost their third straight game and twelfth of their last 14. My bad, Dallas.

Artsy: I’m only showing you this solid but barely spectacular J.J. Hickson dunk because of the fancy vignette effect on the replay.

When in doubt, throw on a vignette and everything looks cool.

Other things: Gordon Hayward had two chasedown blocks last night — he has quickly become the NBA’s second or third best at this, behind LeBron James and (maybe) Kevin Durant — but this was the better one … Emeka Okafor also had a solid block on Kevin Durant … Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin are such bros … The Heat are looking at signing Birdman, brrrrrrr (bird noise) … Not only is Scott Skiles out as Bucks coach, Jameer Nelson also passed him for first on the Magic’s all-time assist list

Comments (16)

  1. I think it sounds better as “Circus Dirkus”

    that is all, carry on

  2. Birdman to the Heat…. Interesting :)

    How is Hayward after Durant for the chasedown title – he had like a million of those already, Durant just a couple :) Even LeBron falls to Hayward if you ask me – James is just trying not to put himself in a position to get a fowl called.

  3. So someone just compiled all of the gifs of “Linsons” that were posted on 4chan the past few nights in their nba threads. Are they the best bro couple in sports right now?

  4. Was the Wizards Heat victory a home game? Maybe they can only win when they sell out Verizon.

  5. Umm… you’re forgetting to put Eric Bledsoe as number 1 on your top chase down shot blockers…..

  6. Another vote for Batum on chasedowns.

    There is a 10 min video of every block from Batum’s rookie season as evidence.

  7. “DAGGERRRR!” – Steez Buckhantz

  8. c’mon, kerbs. get ya head in the game. batum is the best chasedown man in the west.

  9. I was just thinking that Victor Claver looks like Skeets.

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