Seriously, that is how they do it.  And it’s not just a one-time thing either.

Or how about these file photos of Pablo Prigioni and Steve Novak with their special Knicks bandages?

Bandage + white headband = treatment. That’s it.

I am not a doctor — because I couldn’t get in to medical school, something about “grades” — but I would have to think that somewhere there exists a more protective way of covering a bleeding head wound than just throwing a bandage on it and covering it with a crooked headband. Maybe get some Knicks-themed “Survivor” buffs? I don’t know. Those can’t look any sillier than this though, so might as well give it a shot.

Or don’t. I, for one, love seeing a random Knicks player running up and down the court looking like a zombie movie survivor every once and a while.