Well, that really happened. Carmelo Anthony (NBA All-Star) wanted to fight Kevin Garnett (future Hall of Famer) after a basketball game — possibly because Garnett insulted his wife, even though Johnny Prizefighter swears he had no idea what made Melo so mad — and cameras were on hand to capture the scene because it’s 2013 and that’s what happens now. Rajon Rondo HATES it, probably because he was on the outside of the scrum that kept Melo (ironic) from KG.

The bus scene came after a reported locker room scene which came after an on-court prelude.

And another on-court prelude.

Expect some suspensions — I’d guess Melo for sure, KG probably and DeMarcus Cousins just for good measure — some fines and a really awkward confrontation in the Eastern Conference locker room come All-Star Game time. And I’d expect January 24′s Knicks-Celtics game in Boston to be quite the doozy. Celtics fans are already taking shots of olive oil and doing vocal cord exercises to get their boos ready. Should be epic.