Ben Gordon in 2009, courtesy of the Daily Mail:

‘I don’t have any regrets, and I don’t have any bitter feelings for the Bulls,’ Gordon said. ‘Business is business. I’m going to a situation now where winning is the number one priority. I’m happy with my decision.

Ben Gordon in 2013, courtesy of the Detroit News:

Gordon, 29, didn’t shy away from assessing his three years as a Piston, terming it “a failure.”

“Yeah, because when I came here, it was — is — a great, storied organization,” he said. “I had visions of going to the playoffs and things of that nature.

“We didn’t make it while I was here and that was disappointing to me. We had the talent, but for some reason we were never able to reach that goal of being one of the better teams in the East.”

In the three years that Ben Gordon spent with the Detroit Pistons, his team won 52 games. During those same three seasons, the Chicago Bulls won 153. That’s a one Pistons win every Bulls three wins average, to paraphrase Jay-Z in the most awkward and useless way possible.

Not to mention, Gordon’s three years in Detroit double as his three worst seasons in terms of points per 36 minutes average, PER and usage rate. Basically, that means he played the worst he ever has while getting fewer opportunities than he ever has, all while functioning as one of his team’s three highest paid players. In other words, very cool for everyone involved.

Of course, now that he’s a Bobcat, Ben Gordon probably looks back on his Detroit days with longing in his heart. Can’t wait to read his quotes in three years.