Ep. 903: Rudy Rumors

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Paul George’s two-way game, LeBron’s pre-game comments, Miami’s continuing rebounding issues, those runnin’ Rockets, Carlos Delfino, Kobe’s legs, Reggie Evans, Dante Cunningham’s 20-footer, Jim Boylan’s first win as the Bucks head coach, and whether or not any of the reported Rudy Gay deals make sense for Memphis.

All that, plus the “Hall of Very Good,” organs, some Australian dude, casting retried NBA players for “The Investigation,” Mark Whalberg’s residence, duck faces, and rec league banners.


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  1. Funny of Trey to mention tubular…


      • You know, you’re right. Enough is enough. I’ve felt self-conscious about my own weight for a long time. Making friends has never been easy for me because of my considerable heft, so it filled me with envy to see how much everybody loves Trey Kerby. Jealously got the best of me, and I’m sorry.

        My resolution for 2013 is to stop eating my sadness and finally start making friends!

  2. JB sounds like Leigh Ellis trying to imitate an american accent with a touch of Kermit the Frog! PERIOD!

  3. another loss…
    how do you fans from loser teams cope?? this is brutal
    raptor fans any help?

  4. “The investigation” cast must include Charles Oakley, Jason Williams (former net/shot gun enthusiast) and Dikembe Mutombo

    • Think you mean Dikembe Columbo.

      • I picture Dikembe being a support detective character that gets fired, who eventually gets his own spin off.

        If only to see this title:
        Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo

        Much like his own life where he speaks English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and five African languages. He’d be a jet setting man of mystery solving crimes.

        I give you…
        Dikembe P.I

        Tagline- Defensive ‘playa’ of the year.

        Episodes such as:

        “The Mutiny of Mutombo”
        “Shake that finger”
        “The night was Darko”
        “The Democratic Republic of Dongo”
        and finally…of course
        “Who wants to sex Mutombo”

    • Oak is gonna need some speech classes before that season opener.

  5. Gay for Parsons, Delfino, prospects. Houston on the rise

    • Not sure but I feel like Houston’s cap couldn’t handle that having just signed Harden, Lin, and Asik to big deals.

    • Parsons is better than Gay. Parsons is a better defender, better distributor and does not have huge ego / contract.

  6. About the music in arenas, I also find that it prevents the crowd from getting into it, since its so loud… You can’t cheer over it, so when it comes on, people get quiet, and that kills any momentum. One of my greater pet peeves.

  7. Hall of Very Good, Spurs Edition:

    Bruce Bowen
    Avery Johnson
    Sean Elliot
    Michael Finley (for his Dallas/SA time)

  8. Hey how about the loser of the Book Off Payoff has to sing their analysis for an entire episode?

  9. The first inductee of “Hall of Very Good” has to be Sam Cassell. Imagine that bronze bust welcoming you to the hall!

  10. mookie blaylock is a lock for the ‘hall of very good’. on the strength of his name alone.

  11. Hall of Very Good:

    Mitch Richmond
    Glen Rice
    Larry Johnson
    Kevin Johnson
    Steve Smith
    Glen Robinson
    Mookie Baylock
    Steve Francis
    Allan Houston!!!

    • Good call on Kevin Johnson. I think he’s pretty close to the real HOF–great stats, classy guy, consummate team player, and no offense to Charls Barkley, but was probably the most important player in their 1993 Western Conference title run.

  12. Two Rudy trades:

    Gay for Odom + Butler + A pick or something
    Grizz get better spot up shooting and another passing/dribbling big off the bench. Odom is sucking less and less every day – and his contract is expiring. Clippers get another dude to throw oops to.

    Gay for Kyle Korver and Devin Harris + A pick or two.
    Grizz get the great shooters they want on expiring contracts. ATL gets a scary good starting frontcourt.

  13. Rudy to Minn
    Dwade to Memphis
    AK47, Pek, Tony Allen to Miami
    Twolves get a star and slasher next to Love and Ricky
    Memphis gets a SG and closer
    Miami gets size, Defense, and depth

    • Except that the whole reason Gay is on the block is to save them salary. Wade costs a million more and has an extra year on his contract.

  14. Horry needs to be in the HOF, fo sheezy

  15. How about Gay for Eric Gordon? Gordon wanted to get out of NO in the offseason, I don’t think he’d object to moving to a contender. Memphis would save some money, and NO could build around Gay-Anderson-Davis, plus they’ll get a good pick this year.

  16. Lafayette ‘Fat’ Lever for the hall of very good!

  17. stevie franchise

  18. Rudy Gay trade that will never ever happen:

    Rudy Gay and Marc Gasol for Metta World Peace and Dwight Howard.

    The Lakers need a change and the Grizzles take a gamble on Howard becoming a top 3 player again. As good as Marc Gasol is, he’s not Dwight Howard. I guess the Grizz never do it because Gasol for the long haul is better than Howard for 1/2 year, but it would tickle me to no end to see Dwight traded again.

  19. Did Skeets just did Bleacher Report? Didn’t he make a career out of basketball blogging?

    Anyway. I love the show; just had to call out a flappy head. :)

    • Skeets wasn’t an SEO clickbait factory.

      • SEO clickbait factory!!!
        This is brilliant! never heard of that word! and completly right. why does this site exist? why is it so wide spred? complete mistery for an european!

  20. Hall of very good: Jermaine O’neal, Antonio Davis, Jammal Magloire, Baron Davis, Doug Christie, Chauncy Billups, Steve Francis, Stephon Marburry, Vince Carter, Spud Webb, Charles Oakley, Wally Szczerbiak, Michael Redd, Kenyon Martin, Jerry Stackhouse

  21. Also I would have expected some more Rudy to Houston or Minnesota
    and Gay-Harden or Gay-Love jokes by now.

    • I know. I’m a little bit proud of myself for feeling really mature and resisting those jokes most of the time, but a Gay Love combo is just very hard to swallow, erm, it’s hard, erm, it’s very difficult to not at least silently giggle. and oh my god can you imagine chuck shaq and kenny not commenting on that at all?
      too bad this trade is not going to happen. (although you’d probably get tired of those jokes quickly anyway so whatever).

  22. How about some love for the Milwaukee Bucks. For the all very good team, why not Marques Johnson, Terry Cummings, and Sidney Moncrief.

  23. HOVG:

    Michael Cooper.

    You might remember him as the coach of the LA Sparks ;)

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