Ballin: 31 points, six rebounds and nine assists for James Harden, who has now gone over 25 points in 13 straight games. That ties him with Moses Malone for most all-time by a Rocket, even though Fan Night was trying to tell us it was an all-time NBA record. Nope. Still nice action though.

Not so much: If you throw out the third quarter — where the Heat were outscored by 10, outrebounded by nine and allowed 62 percent shooting on five made Pacers threes — Miami looked pretty good last night.

Rock this: You don’t think about it too much because he doesn’t do it very often, but James Harden is a pretty solid in-game dunker. Just ask Robert Sacre, a.k.a. Bobby Sac a.k.a. Yosemite Sac.

If I were to tell you this is Harden’s 25th dunk of the season, would you think that was high or low? Personally, that’s a bit higher than I’d have guessed.

Smart: People always say the three most efficient shots in basketball are layups, threes and free throws. Well, have a look at the Rockets’ shot chart from their over the Lakers, remember they shot 10 more free throws than L.A. and then realize how it was they came to score 125 points on 102 possessions. That third quarter is particularly nice.

Dance to the time warp: Any time the ball gets stuck on or in the rim, it feels like time stops for a split second. Ergo, Jermaine O’Neal is the Timekeeper.

If you could stop time with a basketball, what would you change? I bet Jermaine would change this.

Unfazed: Hours after being questioned regarding a sexual assault for which he won’t be charged, Andray Blatche scored 20 points in 22 minutes on 8-15 shooting. He’s always been known for his focus, so that’s not too surprising.

Tall jump: Gerald Green can jump very high, whether on offense or defense.

Sometimes, you just have to get your hand up to the top of the box to block shots. I’m sure you understand.

My bad: It’s not really fair to blame a five-point loss on any one player, but Josh Smith did have a goaltend and terrible turnover in the final 52 seconds of the Hawks’ loss in Minnesota. I think he is probably sad about it.

Other things: Only kind of gross that Metta World Peace wipes his face with a towel that Steve Nash used to wipe his armpits with a couple of seconds before … Greg Anthony’s keys to the game make Chris Webber’s seem cool … Rumor has it that the Kings are sold to Seattle … Assist news — Steve Nash went over 10,000 career assists last night (here are some bros he assisted) and Jameer Nelson got a cake for becoming the Magic’s all-time assist leader … Must-have Knicks t-shirt