Ep. 904: Mixed Emotions

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Seattle possibly getting the Kings franchise, ‘Melo’s one-game suspension, Honey Nut Cheerios, those gigantic Grizzlies, L.A.’s five-game losing streak, whether the Wolves can survive without Love, and notes from the rest of last night’s busy schedule.

All that, plus Leigh Ellis opens a pack of ’91-92 Upper Deck basketball cards.


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  1. Shout out to my Celts on their current win streak. And to Matt Barnes who had 19, 7,7, 3, and 2.

  2. The deal is far from over. IT’S GEORGE MALOOF. If anyone can mess up a deal or let his greed get in the way, it’s him. I don’t feel for Seattle at all. Nothing but hypocrites. Their city council let the team leave after one rich guy was stupid enough to sell to another rich guy who wanted to move the team. Now another group of used-to-be rich guys will sell to another rich guy who want to move a team. How can you cheer that? This is without mentioning that Sacramento did everything the NBA asked it do it, which Seattle didn’t. Why doesn’t Sacramento get a chance to match the Seattle offer? Why does everyone assume Stern is cool with it? He wants to set the precedent that could mess up any arena subsidies in the future, go for it. Good luck bargaining with another cities taxpayer money in the future with no gurantee a team will stay/come. He’s really gonna torch a top 20 market with no other sports to let the Maloofs get off? I don’t know…

  3. the kings arent FROM sacramento… i lived in kansas city in the 80s, im sure people from cincinnatti didnt want to lose them either, or rochester before that (talk about small market teams). i hope they get to keep the kings, but seattle got a raw deal too. the key arena is the best place i’ve ever seen a basketball game – seriously. its a small, VERY LOUD arena made for working class people. stern needed to vilify the arena because it doesnt have enough luxury boxes… but it was an arena that seattle used to fill and get rocking!

    • None of the previous teams have had the team as long as Sacramento nor supported them the same. And you just described Sleep Train aka Arco Arena.

      Again, how can people condemn the Seattle move but praise this one. This one is 10x worse.

      • I don’t see how this is worse than what Clay Bennett did to Seattle. If anything, they’re equal. I feel like Clay was more duplicitous about his intentions than the Maloofs have been. Both suck though. Sorry Kings fans :(

      • “i hope they get to keep the kings” – i didnt praise shit. however, if sacramento wants to keep the kings, why dont y’all start a kickstarter and raise a half billion dollars and buy it for the city?

  4. couple things:
    1) I love seattle, I loved the sonics, I will forever hate clay bennett. so yeah, kinda hateloving the move (if it happens, that is). partly because:
    2) this kings team sucks. DMC, ‘reke and a bunch of chuckers… wow. get your trade game on, potential new ownership group. I do NOT look forward to having to support this team – but I’ll have to, because see above. sonics rule(d).
    3) if the kings become the sonics and the bobcats become the hornets, the two (arguably) coolest teams of the 90ies will have gotten their respective histories completely messed up. this is gonna be confusing, especially for retro-hipster-half-ironic-supporters: do you have to buy vintage kings gear now if you want to support the new sonics? because my old mid/early-90ies-sonics gear which took me forever to find here in germany now kinda expresses fandom for a) either a team in oklahoma with a redneck owner that I hate or b) a chaotic joke of a franchise that I never really liked all that much to begin with.
    also LJ and Zo will have played for a team that is gonna wear navy blue red and gold. which is just wrong.

  5. Stepping on my punchlines Skeets. Also, when Trey goes for the drab color scheme it just makes my work harder.

    Would like to see a little more burn for Chicago. Pretty even keeled playoff team with what might be considered a bunch of effort guys + Boozer. And I say this as a heat fan.

  6. The history goes with the team, not the city. So Big O, Tiny, Mitch Richmond, Chris Webber, etc, they’ll all have their jersey’s hanging in Seattle. Payton, Kemp, etc, will be hanging in OKC. Doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it is. George Mikan, who played his whole career in Minnesota, is a Laker, not a Timberwolve (Timberwolf?)

    Anyway, I don’t know if you guys ever got it, but I sent you a binder of basketball cards like two months ago. I hope the post office didn’t lose it. I have a feeling Customs stole it..

    • George Mikan is a Laker, but he’ll always belong to Minnesota. His statue is in the Timberwolves’s Target Center (where the MPLS Lakers never played), not in Staples. Regardless of what arena gets to hang a piece of fabric from the rafters, Reignman and The Glove will always belong to Seattle.

      Histories belong to teams, but memories belong to cities.

    • I’m pretty sure the singular of wolves is wolf, yeah, that’s the way English works.

    • @Stud Kick-Ass. I did receive the binder of cards. They are awesome. Thanks very much. – Leigh

  7. short topic break:
    Why isn’t there a “melaaaaaas” audio drop in the same style as the “melooooo” drop!
    I demand it and deserve it as evidently being his biggest fan!

  8. A lot of honeys will cheerio when melo is going nuts in the 4th quarter next time he plays against garnett!

  9. Benoit Benjamin’s name is pronounced ‘Ben-oyt’. I remember an NBA on NBC piece on him where his wife or sister pronounced his name.

  10. this audio player is shit…it stops every 10 to 5 minutes and you have to reload

  11. RE: Leigh’s Card Opening

    Tate George played his college ball at Uconn for those wondering who the hell Leigh was talking about. He hit as huge shot against Clemson in the 1990 NCAA Tournament, as seen here:


    Shout out to Hubie Brown breaking it all down as only Hubie can do. Also notice the Elden Cambell sad face after the shot goes in. Classic. One of my earliest sports memories as a youngster growing up in Hartford. He later spoke at my high school when I was a Senior, like ’99 or something.

    Great show today Guys.

    • Damn, I was just about to post this video. I remember watching it as it happened back in 1990. Dale Davis was also on that losing Clemson side that night. I think the inbounder on the shot, Scott Burrell, had a decent NBA career, playing for about 9 years.

  12. Do the Seattle SuperKings stay in the Pacific Division?
    Seattle is close to the Pacific Ocean, but it would be farcical if they are not in the Northwest Division, given that other teams in that division are far more central (Utah and Denver) or even closer to the east coast (OKC and Minnesota).

    • Great question. Minnesota hates being in the Northwest division. The Wolves travel farther distances for their away games than the majority of their conference AND poor Wolves fan (like myself) have to watch a lot of west coast PST games that start at 9:10 PM or later. Not ideal. Ideally the Wolves would be in the Eastern Conference’s “Central Division” with other Midwest cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukee, Chicago and Indiana, but that would make waaaaaay too much sense, so instead they’re in the same division as Portland.

      My proposal:
      Move Portland to the “Pacific” division with LA, LA, Golden State and Sacramento/Seattle. All teams that are on the West Coast. All teams in the same time zone.

      Move Phoenix from the “Pacific” division to the “Southwest” division with San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans. It adds a little distance to Phoenix’s travel schedule but fits the theme of all the teams hugging our southern border.

      Finally, move Memphis from the “Southwest” division to the newly-renamed “Heartland” or “Midwest” division with Utah, Denver, Minny and OKC. Memphis adds distance to their travel schedule, but this bunches up our “middle of the country” western conference teams together.

      Doesn’t that sound better?

      P.S.: I also considered grouping the divisions by time-zone:

      PST Division:
      LA, LA, Golden State, Portland, Sacramento/Seattle

      MST Division:
      Phoenix, Utah, Denver

      CST Division:
      San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, OKC, Memphis, Minny

      Obviously we’d need to switch two CST teams into the MST division to even things out, but this would help fans watch games at their normal start time as much as possible.

      • I like the first proposal.

        Alternatively, we could scrap divisions and you just play each team in your conference 4 times, and each team in the opposing conference twice.

        It would mean playing 86 games a year, but at least you end up playing each team the same number of times at home as you do away, which makes for a very “fair” schedule.

        • I like that idea, but I doubt anybody will agree to add games to the NBA season when the popular sentiment is that the season is too long already. Which stinks, because schedules will inevitably be unbalanced in relation to degree of difficulty.

  13. When you guys were talking about the Laker/Spurs, “Hero” ball, and Earl Clark… I wanted someone to mention Metta World Peace! He failed to make an easy lay up. then next time having the ball decides to back it out and, not pass to Kobe or Nash, but jack up another shot with a little over a minute to go. Kobe wasn’t happy. Anyways, You guys do a great job and I Thank “God” you guys are back from the holidays! Keep up the fucking stellar work. I am only gonna try and date “Kate”s from now on.

  14. No video today? I’m on Greenwich Mean Time and it’s almost bedtime here…

  15. Bookoff idea if Skeets wins. Tas has to go an entire show without saying the word “frickin”.

    On a related note, we need a Frickin Counter for every show to track how often Tas says the word.

  16. On The Dan Patrick Show this morning, Dan recapped a story about Duncan and KG being the only two on an elevator one time and then KG just started screaming at Duncan and calling him names. Duncan just looked straight ahead and then got off his floor.


  17. Egregious snub of the Sounders in the opening.

  18. Leigh Ellis opening a pack of basketball cards should be a regular feature

  19. You should get a new drop of Leigh saying, “True story.” Says that a lot on the podcasts. Lol

  20. I checked Derek Smith on Pro Basketball Reference to see that scoring avg Lee mentioned, and saw that he’s dead. :( R.I.P. Derek Smith.

    His son, Nolan Smith, is currently on the Trail Blazers!

    • I guess I should have listened to the rest of the show before posting, got scooped on the Nolan Smith part. But he is apparently dead too. :(

  21. don’t worry Tassy, i got the organ joke…subtle, nice…

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