Nate Robinson had an awesome first quarter last night, going for 13 points and three threes in the game’s opening stanza. He was very happy about it, getting his smile game on while Rip Hamilton looked silly with his messed up mask straps (hey, fix your mask straps). It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Because when Nate Robinson gets going, Nate Robinson gets talking and also continues shooting even though he might not have his jumper any more.

That’s exactly what happened last night, and the next thing you know, Brandon Jennings is going for 20 points in a single quarter. From the Daily Herald:

Robinson’s early hot streak might have played a hand in the Bulls’ downfall. When Jennings got going in the second half, he often mimicked Robinson’s jet plane imitation after hitting big shots.

“Yeah, a little trash talking before the second half,” Jennings said after donning a Led Zeppelin T-shirt in the Milwaukee locker room. “I guess he felt like he had it going, was getting the best of me.

“I really don’t take trash-talking too kindly because I don’t do a lot of trash talking. I warned him. It happens.”

Other things that may have contributed to Jennings’ massive third quarter: Nate’s legs giving out, Marquis Teague offering nothing but a wispy mustache, the rebirth of swag, Chicago deciding that easily scoring in the paint was getting boring, Jim Boylan’s long awaited revenge, other stuff. Basically, it probably wasn’t just Nate Robinson’s happy faces that made Brandon Jennings in to the new Tony Delk, but I’m sure it didn’t help.

NBA players take getting disrespected VERY seriously. That’s why everyone gets fake mad about a team taking threes or alley-oops when the game is over and out of hand. It’s just another way for a player to get motivated and you can probably blame Michael Jordan for making it such a big deal. I mean, the generation of players who are currently in the league grew up watching MJ and he took his “get revenge” mindset all the way to his Hall of Fame speech. It’s no wonder being disrespected in any way is one of the NBA’s greatest motivating factors. I wanna be, I wanna be like Mike.

Then again, I have a pretty strong feeling that Nate Robinson jibber-jabbering about his three bombs is just the kind of thing that would fire up an opposing player. Something about his personality doesn’t suggest a calm, considered approach to on-court chatter. Just a hunch.

(via SLAM)