Ballin: I am pretty mad at him for doing this, but Brandon Jennings scored 20 points and made four threes during the pivotal third quarter of last night’s Bucks win in Chicago. For comparison’s sake, the Bulls scored 23 in the quarter, possibly in a tribute to Michael Jordan but definitely in a tribute to their penchant for blowing double-digit leads.

Not so much: Hey Hawks, you lost to the Cavaliers by 16 points, giving them their biggest of a whopping nine wins, all while shooting a grand total of five free throws despite the fact the Cavs send teams to the line the fifth most often in the entire league. Whoops.

Bleep: Another candidate for Ballin was Kenneth Faried, who went for 19 points and 19 rebounds in the Nuggets’ victory against the Magic. I didn’t pick him, however, because I wanted to show you guys this important video.

FYI — Kenneth Faried didn’t say “shoot.”

Foreshadowing: After last night’s win, the New Orleans Hornets have won their last three games, all of which Eric Gordon started. It is almost like having your highest paid player play a bunch and play well is good for winning games.

Mr. Brightside: Yeah, the Lakers might have dropped their fifth straight game last night, letting the Spurs off the hook for four turnovers in the game’s final five minutes as they nearly blew a 10-point lead, but at least Steve Nash is currently the all-time free throw percentage leader. (Though I will cop to being confused as to why Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf isn’t considered the all-time leader. Maybe you need to have a quite arbitrary 2,000 attempts? Forget it, Trey. It’s Chinatown.)

Healed: Exactly one year ago last night, Jeff Green was intubated in a hospital bed following heart surgery. 366 days later, he did this.

Green was a big part of a Celtics bench unit that scored 47 points, that miraculously included Jason Collins getting on the board with a single bucket. The Celtics’ starters only scored 40.

Domination: Not only did the Utah Jazz lead the Charlotte Bobcats the entire game, they didn’t allow the Bobbers within 10 points in the second half.

Which is worse?: That, after yesterday’s loss to the Raptors, the 76ers have lost 13 of their last 16? Or that they’ve lost 10 of their last 12 on the road? Trick question — the answer is that Andrew Bynum is by far their highest-paid player and hasn’t seen the court yet. That’s the worst.

In pasta bowl: How did Marc Gasol make this shot?

More importantly, how was this not the most amazing three-point play of this game?

Silver linings playbook: The Thunder beat the Timberwolves by 22, but Ricky Rubio threw this pass, so who really won? (The Thunder, doy.)

Does not compute: After notching the Clippers’ 13th straight home win, Vinny Del Negro became the fastest Clippers coach to 100 wins. This means he is arguably the best coach in Clippers history, which tells you a whole bunch about the Clippers’ history.

Other things: Derrick Rose is both dunking and shooting jumpers, which gives me a mind boner … Tub party at the Verizon Center! … The complete Anthony Davis package … Somehow, the result of this play was a call against Andrei Kirilenko for fouling Russell Westbrook … Kobe Bryant is the all-time leader in missed shots and that couldn’t be more fitting … Melo has been suspended for tonight’s game because of that Kevin Garnett business … GIF up top is from Royce Young