It is kind of hard to really understand how this pass could fit between two sets of Thunder legs after going between Ricky Rubio’s own legs, but it did. And I’m glad it did. And you’re glad it did. I mean, it was such a good pass that it makes this one seem like it’s no big deal. Pretty cool.

(via CJ Fogler)

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  1. The other notable thing about this video is that Louis Amundson is unable to score against Kevin Martin under the basket.

  2. ricky rubio is the epitome of the TBJ fueled “#bonerup” movement. (in this case including the fact that said movement didn’t really work out)

  3. that was such a great pass but you had to think lou admunson would find a way to miss that shot

  4. Had Almundson hit that shot this could have been the pass of the year, instead it will be mostly forgotten by the end of the season. BOOURNS LOU ALMONDSON!!

    • From the FreeDarko Manifesto:

      “We Discount Mere Wins and Losses

      “The old Wisdom holds that Winning is the essential function of an NBA team. But we ask: Is there no such thing as a beautiful Loss? A noble Failure? A compelling Train Wreck? The collapse of the 2000 Portland Trail Blazers in the fourth quarter of Game 7 was tragicomic and memorable; it confirms that Victory need not be the most prized outcome. We assert our right to be amused by non-Champions. Some of the most masterful moves to the basket yield not points and die a replayless death, excluded forever from the Kingdom of Highlight Posterity. These we reclaim in the name of the People.”

      - FreeDarko Presents: The Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac

  5. His teammates never finish off his best passes. Especially Derrick Williams and his chronic alley oop bricking problem.

  6. Best passer in the league by far

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