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On today’s episode of “The Overdose,” The Basketball Jones discuss who the second best team in the East is (Pacers, Celtics, Knicks), George Maloof pitting Seattle vs. Sacramento, the L.A. Daily News’ hypothetical Dwight Howard-for-Dirk Nowitzki deal, Greg Oden’s possible comeback, and the inaugural class of TBJ’s “Hall of Very Good.” (Note: Let us know who would be your inductees in the comments below.)

All that, plus stall tactics, more Honey Nut Cheerios talk, Theo Fleury, and McRibs.


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  1. Thanks guys. Have a great weekend. I love you.

  2. Kj and michael finley are two considerations for the hall of very good.

    • BTW as good as finley in phoenix was, he killed it night in night out in SA under pop.

  3. jesus christ guys i was hoping you’d figure it out by now but you’re child like naivete about the slang is just embarrassing now lol

    what garnett probably said is probably more along the lines of this ^^^

  4. Great to have Matt and the drops back! [Give me some Raptor news!]

  5. Told My finance about the honey nut cheerios, she said that the only reason melo got so pissed if that it must be true.

  6. If he tasted like honey nut cheerios what would his name be… Lala Vasquez

  7. re: Billups and HOF. Was wondering if there were any NBA finals MVP not in the hall and excluding currently active locks (LBJ, Kobe, Duncan, Dirk, ONeal) there are two: Jojo White and Cedric Maxwell.

    also with Shawn Kemp’s HOF credentials: you could say in a way he was also an originator as before those ’94 Sonics no 1 seed had lost to an 8 seed. And now a few future HOFs will hold that distinction (Dirk, Mourning, Duncan, DRose).

    • Add Tony Parker to the list of current finals MVPs that should get in, but there’s a chance he doesn’t, I guess.

      • Right on Tas thats one name that immediately popped into my head as a really good player but has no stats to back it up, point in the paint for a point guard record maybe?
        Retired player Jeff Horaneck and where does Grievous go to get ice cream Vasquez and Robbins. or an alley oop to Robin Lopez

  8. Robert Horry! The dude’s got more rings than Jordan!

  9. On the “no-lace shoe” front, remember the Iverson IX with the pump and velcro technology?

  10. Other famous “Dutch” guys: Kiki Vandeweghe and Butch Van Breda Kolff.

  11. I’m thankful for last night’s Knicks Pacers game as copy/pasting that Basketball-Reference page is going to make responding to people who read Wages of Wins much, much easier.

  12. Nice break from the little man while it lasted

    Yo Skeet why this aint on Grandland yo show nice its better than the Bruce Bowen show. Jalen Rose he funny he got some insight but other dude a clown

    Cut out the little man see what happens. Be nervous of the shaky hands.

  13. I would like to nominate Rik Smits for the Hall of Very Good.

  14. If the Mavs wanted Dwight Howard, why wouldn’t they keep Dirk and use their cap space this summer to sign Howard?

  15. How does Greivis buy all of his condiments? In Vasqueeze bottles.

  16. Terry Porter and Rod Strickland are my votes for the hall of very good.

  17. Tas shot No. 1: If [Greivis Vasquez] had a voluptuous chest, what would his nickname be?

    Great-tits Vasquez.

    Tas shot No. 2: If he had some moldy bread beside his soup, what would you call it?

    Gray-biscuit Vasquez.

    Tas shot No. 3: When he became a father, the journey that he went on was called …

    Greivis Dad’s quest.

    • If [Greivis Vasquez] had a voluptuous chest, what would his nickname be?

      Greivis Vast-chest.

      Hall of Very Good –

      Joe Johnson – Great scorer, and mad clutch, but hasn’t won anything and unless Brooklyn wins in the next few years, will be remembered for his 120mil contract rather than his clutch shots.

      Cliff Robinson – Solid player forever, perhaps known for for his quantity of games than quality of games.

  18. Just bro-ing around the office showing pics of fat guys. Subtle Trey.

  19. Leigh Ellis must of inhaled some bad bath salts but Melo WILL be a hall of famer. He will go down as probably the 3rd greatest Knick behind Frazier and Ewing. If he somehow gets 1 ring as a Knick, he’ll arguably go down as the greatest Knick!

    5× NBA All-Star (2007–2008, 2010–2012)
    All-NBA Second Team (2010)
    4× All-NBA Third Team (2006–2007, 2009, 2012)
    NBA Rookie Challenge MVP (2005)
    NBA All-Rookie First Team (2004)
    2x Olympic Gold Medalist (2008, 20012)
    1x Olympic Bronze Medalist (2004)
    FIBA World Championship All-Tournament Team (2006)
    NCAA champion (2003)
    NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player (2003)
    Big East Rookie of the Year (2003)
    Consensus NCAA All-American First Team (2003)

    • @Zeke. All good stats, but only once he’s been beyond the first round of the playoffs. I don’t think given what he’s achieved so far makes him a lock for the HOF. He’s a lock for the HOVG, though! – Leigh

      • @Leigh as a true die hard knick fan, I believe if the human pariah known as Reggie Miller, who made the hall of fame with weaker stats, made it, Melo will make it ,as eventually becoming one of the Greatest Knicks of all time and one of the greatest scorers of all time. I enjoyed this debate Leigh, only time will tell!

        Reggie’s stats

        5× NBA All-Star (1990, 1995–1996, 1998, 2000)
        3× All-NBA Third Team (1995–1996, 1998)
        J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award (2004)
        #31 Retired by the Indiana Pacers
        2× All-Pac-10 First Team (1986–1987)
        Pac-12 Hall of Honor

        Points 25,279 (18.2 ppg)
        3-Pointers 2,560
        Assists 4,141 (3.0 apg)

  20. Random thought :
    Chris Paul and Blake Griffin said on Jimmy Kimmel that during there 17 game win streak they listened to Trinidad James’ “All Gold Everything.”
    Little ironic there streak got ended by the nuggets? There’s gold in them hills!

  21. Why is nobody mentioning that Garnett was nowhere to be seen the whole time Melo was waiting? Sure, maybe he was taking a long time showering and dressing, but maybe someone warned him and he pussied out like a fake tough guy/tried to avoid his own suspension.

  22. Melo!? Hall of very good. Wow Leigh. Only time will tell.

    Present Hall of very good candidate: David Lee. I love his game and he always get passed on because of the bad teams he has played in his career. Good to see him in a good team finally.

    Past Hall of of Very Good – Dikembe Mutombo dude was a defense stalwart. He could also be consider a borderline hall of fame player as well. you guys decide on that one.


  24. i’m going with crazy on my hall of very good players

    current player: ron metta world peace artest. malice in the palace was defining moment in everyone’s life though the nba tries to sweep it under the rug. all time great defensive player. nba champ. at his peak was a 20/5/5/2stl/1blk player.

    former player: latrell spreewell. lost in all the craziness (choking, gotta feed my family, yacht, legal issues) is that he was arguably the best sg in the league in the mid-90s (post jordan pre kobe). 4 time all star. 1 first team all nba. only 1 defensive team nod, but rep as a great defensive player.

    • I almost believed you until you wrote “post jordan pre kobe”. That would then be the only one year between MJ’s last and Kobe’s first titles. Which is 1999. The year of Spree’s greatest success. And this was then:

      In that season, the guards were so diverse, there were so many, and yes, Spree was 10 in PPG. But that’s about it. If we go by true SG and count Iverson as a PG. Bryant was the best: There basically was no “post MJ pre Kobe”.

      Btw, Vince Carter was Rookie of the Year as a SG. Sprewell was nowhere near the best, not even arguably. Sorry.

    • I’ve got a few candidates for that list as well.
      Antonio McDyess
      Rod Strickland
      Chris Webber
      Cedric Ceballos
      Detlef Schrempf
      Ron Harper
      Glen Rice
      Charles Oakley
      Sam Perkins
      Otis Thorpe
      Mugsy Bogues
      Stacey Augmon
      Tom Chambers
      Andre Miller
      Dekembe Mutumbo

      • Good list – I’d move Plastic Man down to the Hall of Good though, and would bump Chambers to the Hall of Fame (okay, that might be a bit of a stretch).

  25. Pardon if this is a common question, but is the Overdose ever filmed? Cause that would make my Saturday mornings 1000% better.

  26. Cliff Robinson is my first pick for the Hall of Very Good. Others : Sam Cassell, Tim Hardaway, Alonzo Mourning, Nick Van Exel and his 18-foot FTs.

    And Tas, your “openings” to your puns are killing. I don’t know how you think about that crap. It’s freaking amazing.

  27. Skeets you lost a little bit of cred when you cited what Jacoby said on the B.S. Report.

  28. Manu Ginobili
    Joe Johnson
    Luol Deng
    Delonte West
    Michael Redd
    Mike Bibby :)
    Bobby Jackson
    Eddie Jones
    Robert Horry
    Jeff Harnacek
    Toni Kukoc
    Detlef Schrempf
    Hershey Hawkins
    Horace Grant
    Nick Anderson
    John Anderson
    Charles Oakley
    Larry Johnson
    Kendall Gill
    Jerome Kersey
    Byron Scott
    Mark Price
    Larry Nance
    Mark Aguirre
    Bill Laimbeer
    Vinnie Johnson
    Michael Cooper
    Rasheed Wallace
    A.C Green
    Andrei Kirilenko
    Stephen Jackson
    Richard Hamilton
    Danny Granger
    Andre Miller
    Gerald Wallace
    Chris Kaman
    Antwant Jamison
    Ron Artest
    Marcus Camby
    Al Horford
    Caron Butler
    Jamal Crawford
    Chris Webber
    Jason Terry
    Jason Richardson
    Tony Parker
    Stephen Jackson

  29. To me, the KG insult to Melo means KG (at a minimum) went down on Melo’s wife and now knows her vagina tastes like honey nut cheerios.

  30. Hall of very good nominations

    Current: Rip Hamilton

    Rip’s got a ring, three all-star appearances, superstar level gimmicks via facemask. I dunno. I just love Rip. Easy game to replicate in YMCA games for little guys with energy to burn. “Rip” is an underrated nickname. Remember when he had that big beard!?

    Past: Tom Gugliotta

    Is there a more memorable guy from the hours upon hours of childhood NBA Live/Hangtime sessions. Remember the call when he awkwardly threw that shit down: “TOM! GOOOO-GLIII-OTTA!”

  31. Hall of Very Good: Ron Harper

    Career Numbers: 5 rings, 13.8 PPG, 4.3 RPG, 3.9 APG, 1.7 SPG. 1,716 career steals.

    • Ron Harper! Ha! I hope you meant Derek Harper! Ron Harper can go in the ‘Hall of adequate roll players and most disapointing ever replacements’.

  32. The Hall of Very Good just screams “6th man of the year” guys who were really good, mostly played for good to great teams, but were never really the best guy on their team. Odom, Terry, Ginobli….

  33. I guess I’m the only Star Wars and basketball fan??

    What does the NBA and Star Wars have in common?…

    General Grevis Vasquez

  34. Hall of very good:

    Current: Chris Bosh – could be a modern day DJ or Sam Jones if the Heat bang out a number of titles, but I don’t quite see it. Also, sneaky fun to use in NBA video games

    Retired: Shawn Kemp – one of the most fun players to watch, and (agreeing with Trey) turned in maybe THE best finals performance in a loss, especially when you look at the competition. And the original sneaky fun player to use in NBA video games.

  35. *meant agreed with Leigh…Trey kind of slagged on the reign man

  36. Stop answering every question with “Rasheed Wallace.” Other than that, I love the show, especially when Matt O is dropping those hesitant puns.

  37. Come on Tas Melas.

    How much excuse will you give the Lakers, Mike D especially?!?! It is time to admit the mistake, stop defending them/him.. Mike D system is to score more points than allow, which means his system is NOT working! Kobe is just not that great of a leader. Yeah, he wants to win, but only at his own terms. When things go well he is great, when not he cannot have his troop behind him. It is a team sport

    Thanks for a good show

    • Mike D’s system is to score more points than to allow?!? oh my god finally I get it! wow what a great and unique x&o move! and here I go trying to teach teams they should allow more points than score themselves and I just keep getting fired! damn I should have thought of that myself.

      • Maybe you should try system which is to allow less than you score. That one is GOLD, to put it in Leigh’s words

  38. Sacre-bleu!

    • sacre-mento?

      you should have thought of that one as long as you can still make it without having to force a Seattle SuperSacre kind of thing

      • niiiice one!
        sacremento + memento = a nba franchise that nobody will be able to make memories about in the future again because it won’t exist anymore.

  39. How I determined my Retired Hall of Very Good Player:

    Looked in the attic for all the basketball jerseys I purchased as a kid. Yes, I’m a hoarder and Yes, I’m 21 and live at home.

    Retired: Keith Van Horn

    Runner-Up: Steve Francis

    KVH averaged 16 points and 7 boards in his career and was 2nd best player on the Nets in the Finals and definitely received the “What were you thinking?” Award for jersey purchases

    How I determined my Current Hall of Very Good Player:

    Looked in the closet of my soon-to-be 13 year old brother’s room to see what jersey’s he has + added my personal assumptions:

    My brother is a clear front runner.The jerseys in his closet resemble the list of recent NBA Finals MVP: Pierce, Kobe, Dirk and LeBron. I’ve failed as a brother. He has yet to waste 60 dollars on a Very Good player.

    So many to choose from. You could pick the entire Atlanta Hawks team: Johnson, Smith, Horford. I thought about Deron Williams, but hate him so much he should be in the Hall of Above Average.

    Current: Shawn Marion – was never the BEST player on a team and will not get a lot a praise for averaging 16-9 over a 16+ spread. Basically the current KVH.

    Runner-Up: Brandon Jennings. Very Good, Enjoy watching him play but will ultimately be forgotten. Jennings a clear victim of being a fan of Allen Iverson, as was I BJ.. As was I.

  40. Byron Scott gets my vote for HOVG. 3 titles, Prime #’s were around 20/4/3. Great 3pt shooter.

  41. And my 2nd vote is for Ben Wallace.

  42. As the Commissioner of the Hall of Very Good, I thank you all for your input. One thing I may have forgotten to note is that cultural relevance / league impact is really the #1 factor in HoVG voting. Without further ado, here are my nominations:

    Current:: I love the ‘Sheed pick…but Ronron World Artest has my vote. He’s got all the bases covered – 1x All-Star appearance, 1% HOF probability per b-ref, helped usher in the “dress code era” with the Malice, and is recognizable to non-diehards without being a full-blown superstar thanks to his name change, push for mental health awareness, and just being an all around awesome but weird dude. First ballot for sure.

    Retired: Like the Shawn Kemp pick, but I’m going with Muggsy. Shortest player in NBA history. Surprisingly productive and long-lasting (16 year career, 9.5 assists and 1.9 steals per 36 over entire career), though not spectacular (0 all-star appearances). Starred in Space Jam. Idol of every grade school basketball fan who grew up in the ’90s. Even my sister knows who he is. Bro and former teammate of Manute Bol (who is definitely in the running for my year 2 nominees). 3rd player on the best NBA Jam team (Hornets with Granmama and ‘Zo, obviously).

    BONUS – early career current player: Ricky Rubes. No explanation needed.

    DOUBLE BONUS: retired player: Mike Bibby. Sorry, Skeets.

    • Thanks again for the email.

      But fuck Mike Bibby.

    • Dear Mr. Comissioner,
      I would like to add a triplebonus / propose an entirely new segment, which is called:

      Very Good Vintage Teams

      A nod to all our favourite but unrewarded teams that had cultural relevance and style galore, in addition to consisting mostly of HoVG-nominees. (So, yeah, basically
      Cool Teams From The 90ies That Never Won Anything).

      But I’ll stick with the current mode and select a “retired” team and a current one.

      Vintage Team:
      Runner up: The Charlotte Hornets – no explanation needed, but like the Sonics (who also came up just short) everybody loved them, they were huge in the 90ies – but the fact that everybody was a fan of those two teams speaks against my goal of honoring teams that were awesome but tend to get overlooked. no one overlooks the hornets and sonics. Therefore, my Very Good Vintage Team Pick goes to:


      The mid-90ies Golden State Warriors.
      Man they were fun! They basically only lasted one season when they had Rookie Chris Webber when he wasn’t a walking injury, Latrell Spreewell who kind of invented cornrows it felt like and made THE ALL-NBA 1st TEAM in 94 (which I always forget), plus, technically, also Tim Hardaway when he was super cool, had the most wicked crossover and wasn’t mainly famous for being a homophobic douchebag. but: did you remember that hardaway and webber never played together? I swear I always forget that. How awesome could that team have been, if not for timmy’s injury?
      The giant “What If” pushes this team over the top and into the HoVG, subsegment VGVT.

      Current Team:
      The Minnesota Timberwolves.
      You know they’ll never win something. It’s Kahn. I really really love Ricky, but nah. Aint’t happening. They will have been super fun for like one year (say, next year). And I will suffer along with them, as will a lot of NBA fans half my age. But we will all love them, and then kind of forget about them because Ricky and Kevin will be more succesful for other franchises. Probably the Lakers. But they’ll never be as cool, and the Timberwolves will forever be Goran Tragic.

  43. I love how Melo is a wanker.. He should have clocked that chiwawa right away.. Rasheed will probably do it next game..

  44. Tas has gone crazy obviously.. And I am still half way through the pod.. :D

  45. How did Greivis “Honey-Nut- Cheerios-LaLa” Vasquez NOT come up?

  46. While Jason Kidd will be in Hall of Fame, he should only be in the hall of very good (if going by his numbers). Career numbers: 12.7 ppg, 5 rpg, 8.8 apg, 3 tpg, only 40% on field goals and 35% on threes. Those stats seem more aligned with Jose Calderon than with Chris Paul or Magic Johnson or Steve Nash.

  47. Also…Elton Brand for HOVG! consistent 20 and 10 guy for close to 8 or 9 years. But he almost certainly won’t get in because he never made a big splash in the playoffs.

  48. HOVG = Robert Horry
    NBA finals record for steals
    Most 3 pointers made in NBA finals (playoffs?) history
    (At the time) 2nd all time in the SEC in blocks, only behind Shaquille O’neal
    Soild all rounder.. in the 90′s was essentially a baby Pippen

    - cheap shoes
    - vaseline
    - china legacy


  50. what has Vasquez done time for ….. Grevious bodily harm.

  51. Chris Webber would lead the 1st class of Inductees into the HOVG. People were locking him into HOF coming out of college, but injuries held him back.

    Current players would be Iguodala, James Harden and Joe Johnson.

  52. Current: Andre Miller

    (Career: 13.9 PPG, 7.1 APG, 4 RPG, 1.3 SPG; highest-rated player in NBA 2K5)

    Former: Mitch Richmond

    (Career: 21 PPG, 3.5 APG, 3.9 RPG, 1.2 SPG; ROTY 1989; All-Star (6x); cover NBA LIVE ’97)

    I also considered Tim Hardaway, but he’d have to be inducted wearing a dress.


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