Ballin: 28 points on 15 shots, three threes, seven rebounds, five assists, two steals and a block for Nic Batum. Plus he was one of the guys who helped snap LeBron James’ string of 54 games with 20 or more points by holding him to 15. Oh, and he also defended Dwyane Wade (18 shots to score 18 points) quite a bit too. Other than that, Batum didn’t do much.

Not so much: With Carmelo Anthony serving a Cheerios-induced suspension, someone on the Knicks had to take all of his shots. That someone, as you might imagine, was J.R. Smith, who went 10-29 and scored 24. He led New York in scoring but this was the Knicks’ worst output of the season and he took more shots than points scored, so that’s not good.

But this: Even amidst all those misses, J.R. Smith still pulled this off.

He jumped off his right foot and had the entire left half of the backboard to work with and a shotblocker on his right, meaning he had a pretty nice look at a lefty layup here. Instead, he dunked it right handed through Ian Mahinmi. Not many non-J.R. Smith guys would try that.

He’s got it: Paul George is really good at basketball right now, tallying 24 points and 11 rebounds in last night’s gross win over the Knicks. It’s his fourth 20-10 game of the season after just one in his first two years in the league.

We’re bored of fish: I hope Isaiah Thomas called Banksy on this.

As I mentioned before, the Mavericks ended up beating the Kings in overtime. That gives the Mavs a half-game advantage over the Kings in the hotly contested battle for the Western Conference’s twelfth seed.

Sesame Street: This is how long it took Chris Bosh to count all his rebounds last night: One, two, three four.

Heads up: Cool pass, J.J. Hickson.

To be fair, Ben Golliver was wide open.

Nit picks: Did not like the look of last night’s Pacers-Knicks game, which was one of those rare color vs. color uniform matchups, as the Pacers took the court in their yellow duds and the Knicks were in their customary road blues. The Pacers blended in with the court and the Knicks blended in with the lane, so it was weird.

Other things: Here are the NBA’s greatest stank faces … Dahntay Jones took a bit of a detour before last night’s game … Nic Batum threw down a decent dunk last night, via his Dhalsim arms … Really good tweets from Jan Vesely … Rik Smits on a dirt bike