Very cool Antonioni-esque long shot here, but perhaps you would prefer the more stylized reverse angle that comes along with the Blazers’ radio call of Wessy Wes’ bombs that completed the Blazers’ 13-point second half comeback. I know I did.

No matter which version you prefer, just know three things: 1) Thanks to those threes, the Trail Blazers’ crowd got as loud as last year’s Super Bowl; 2) Tas Melas couldn’t sleep last night he was so happy; 3) Wesley Matthews’ nickname is apparently “The Assassin,” I guess? Works for me.

Huge win for the Blazers. Keep Portland loud.

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  1. Gotta love Brian Wheeler :)

  2. You Know The Fix has taken up space in my NBA brain when I watch “Inside the NBA” and simultaneously thought of Tas when I saw Wesley’s work last night. The Assassin? Cool nickname bro

  3. Antonioni references?!? As soon as I think I can’t possibly like this site any more…

  4. I like that “Eric Spoelstra disdains the shotclock” line.

  5. pucker up stevie needs some chapstick.

  6. I like how in the interview after the game Matthews called his step back three a “something new he added to his arsenal and basically a heat check”

  7. Pa-pow! And disdaining the shot clock are great linea

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