On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones list their NBA weekend winners and losers. Thumbs up for: the Nets, Chalmers’ hot three-point shooting, John Wall’s return, that crazy half-court shot in Atlanta, ‘Melo breaking his fast, and the ACC’s musical selections. Thumbs down for: Rudy Gay trade rumors, Diop’s body fat, Harden’s double-dribble crossover, and the hilarious Steve Novak vs. Little Nathan Robinson feud.

All that, plus “In Time,” the Golden Globes, PEAK commercials, and hamburgers.


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  1. Sweet shirt brah, that’s what I’m talking about. Enjoying the increased focus on fat stuff and food. Might be cool if Trey could go to Blatche’s summer camp. Results don’t lie.

  2. Oh Skeets you had to give a Kate Scale ranking spoiler with the 906pic?

  3. The other weird thing about the Lowry Peak commercial is his Caribbean accent. I had to double-check that Lowry was actually from Philadelphia.


  5. Fuck off to whoever thinks the shows are too long. GIMME MORE TBJ

  6. Losers of the weekend: Canadian basketball fans, who now have to hear about Canadian Hockey 24/7. PUCK TALK

  7. What is the orgin of the hamburger drop?

  8. No mention of the Lakers being winners guys? *plays the Wizards winning music* They have netted their first win of the New Year of 2013

  9. I want Skeets’ shirt! Where/when can i get one?

  10. I personally wish that every episode was as long as an overdose, no joke.

  11. Never get sick of this show. Taz for mayor. Skeets for Deputy.
    And regarding the Raptors getting more exciting to watch… drinking games where raptor dunks & and-ones are a shot get dirty when Charlotte plays no interior-D.

  12. Boston vs Charlotte – no takers?

  13. Thank you for not giving Tim Duncan the Whoa Boy.

    I’m not saying the Wolves to the Spurs because of bad officiating. Because they would have lost anyway. But Tim Duncan got 7 blocks because of bad officiating. Nothing was being called underneath the hoop. I almost “rage-quit” a few times while watching the game. Ugly ugly ugly.

  14. I knew I wasn’t crazy for seeing the Harden double dribble.

  15. Tassos, leave that graphic thingy alone, man

  16. Skeets, Lawson did 10 in a row and then went for that dumb, dumb buzzer-beater for the 11th and missed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rankc8FgUVk

  17. if shortening the show means you don’t give lillard a winner of the weekend for his 37 against the warriors and don’t discuss the blazers, then i hate that move. more more more.

  18. Further to the shoddy ‘Peak’ ads mentioned by Tas Melas: ‘Root Sports’ (actual slogan, Leigh: “You’ve always had a place to watch, now you have a place to root”) began a broadcasting partnership with the Utah Jazz a couple of seasons ago. There were some teething problems. Grizzlies related, too. The link below is to a graphic they raised during a game January 6, 2012. Note the maths on the reg season record and the conference…


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